Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have shown their worth to the mobile food industry. They have a proven way to reach your food truck followers quickly, which also helps to create deeper relationships with them. Just as anything else in one’s personal or business life there is a flip side to these fantastic online tools. Just as quickly as you can notify your followers about your future parking locations, negative twitter comments or complaints can be shared on your page for the entire world to see.

So what are you to do you when the world has access to the negative Twitter comments that have been said about you, your food, your truck’s service and ultimately your brand? You must deal with it.

4 Tips to Deal with Negative Twitter Comments

Here is a quick list of four tips to follow when you run into one of these situations. Use these tips to help you get through mentally, and prevent them from slowing down on your usage of the online marketing tools available to you.

mad twitterDon’t take complaints personally

Rule one is an absolute. Do not take these complaints personally. If you do, you may adopt an immediate defensive mentality and it will be apparent in your words. That helps nobody. Saying the wrong thing may give you temporary solace, your attitude could lead to more negative feedback, and a loss of potential customers. Unless it’s a situation that demands immediate attention, spend time thinking about a memorable and remarkable way to respond.

Everyone wants to be heard

The second rule is to remember is that everyone wants to be heard. To be truthful, you cannot help a situation unless you fully understand the situation. Make sure you hear them out. However, just like in the middle of a busy lunch rush, it is best to not to continue to interrupt the good experience that everyone else is having.

Let the upset customer know that you want to hear more about what happened but take the customer to the side and talk with them there. Publicly ask them to contact you directly via the social media platform so that you can hear more of the details of the complaint.

Act the same on Twitter as you would in person

The third rule is to act the same way you would act if the individual were telling you the story of what happened in person. Deal with it in the same way and be honest. Then take steps to ensure that a similar incident does not take place at your mobile bistro again. See this as an opportunity to improve on your services.

If the issue is resolved, then ask them to tell everyone

The last rule is that if the person you are dealing with leaves your conversation happy, ask them to tell the world. There is nothing wrong with asking them to go back to the same social media platform that they complained on and state that you have dealt with the issue. Some may disagree with this point, but it is not unlike asking for a letter of recommendation from a client.

Do not toot your own horn about it. Let your public do it. A third party recommendation always goes much further than self-promotion in the landscape of the social media world.

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The Bottom Line

We hope these tips will help those of you who may at one time deal with a negative reviews from social media. Especially if they are about about you, your food, or your food truck service. If you have any additional tips you would like to share with our readers. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter