If you’re in the food truck industry, you already know that valuable food truck marketing ideas can be hard to come by. Yet, social media is an incredibly powerful vehicle to get more people walking up to your service window that most owners don’t grasp fully. Today we’ll discuss a simple strategy to help you find organic followers on Twitter.

Not only does social media help to create tremendous awareness for your mobile food business, but it’s also a great way to fuel engagement and get people buzzing about your food truck. Mobile food vendors are naturally drawn towards tracking down organic followers because it won’t cost your food truck a dime.

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Organic Followers

As with many social media strategies, organic marketing requires that you invest the time to create engaging, high-quality content that is interesting enough to make your target audience want to engage and follow your food truck.

Through the use of hashtags and following your target audience first, you can build a long list of organic followers on social media, especially on Twitter. The easiest way to do this is to use Twitter’s search feature to find lovers of food near your food truck and follow them first.

How does it work? Head to over to Twitter and do a search for “I love food.” Click “more options” and make sure to check these options…

  • Accounts
  • From Everyone
  • Near Me

This simple search will not only show you the accounts that have I, love, and food in their bios, but will also show you the accounts near you.

From there you can follow all of the people, near you, who like food. Best part of tracking down organic followers on Titter? It’s Free!

Besides being free, there are other upsides to finding organic followers. The major one is the ability to position yourself as an industry expert by actively engaging with this audience of foodies. If you have the time to dedicate to an organic marketing approach, it’s certainly worth it.

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The Bottom Line

In summary, if you follow these simple steps for organic marketing of your food truck on social media, you are bound to see a large group of new organic followers to your food truck’s Twitter account.

How do you find organic followers for your food truck? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter