It has always been important to know what customers are saying about your brand. Today it’s a lot easier with social media. Therein also lies a big problem. When millions of potential new customers can see tweets and Facebook posts blasting you for a bad meal or terrible customer service, word can spread fast. And not in a good way. Today’s article covers a the topic of social media feedback why it is important for food truck owners to stay proactive on it.

Be Proactive With Social Media Feedback Whether It Is Good or Bad


I know many of you will tell me that you use social media such as Twitter or Facebook every day, however using it and using it to maximize your food truck’s reputation are two different things. The real reason that some food trucks avoid using social media to its full capacity is because they’re afraid of the almighty bad review.

Unfortunately, there will always be unhappy customers and they will find a place and a platform to share their unhappiness.  Denial will get you nowhere, but addressing feedback good or bad, gives you additional opportunities.  Whether that is a loyal customer or redemption from a bad experience, being proactive about your digital reputation will greatly improve your social media marketing effectiveness.

How To Keep Tabs On Social Media Feedback

Listen to Customer Mentions

Monitor mentions of your food truck your competitors. Social listening allows you to see when your truck is discussed on social media, you can give instant customer support and feedback to people having issues.

Monitoring the competition allows you to understand unhappy customers with other trucks or restaurants in your area. Learn why they’re not happy, and see if you can provide a better solution for them. At the very least, you can learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Ask For Feedback

When rolling out a menu item or service, it’s common to experience some pushback from your current customers. Leverage your network before launching new menu items or services to get feedback from the people you trust. The great thing about social media is that your network probably consists of not only current customers, but also prospective customers, and local influencers.

By merely asking, you can get a wide range of social media feedback on new menu ideas. This will help you get buy-in for higher sales numbers at launch time.

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Find Out Who Your Customers Are

An added benefit to listening, and reacting to social media feedback is that you will learn who your customers are. Instead of starting from scratch, ask members of your social media communities questions that will help you narrow down your customers are.

Ask about pain points, demographic information, what they find valuable in your menu items and services. Even find out what they like to do on the weekends to paint a better, more relatable picture for sales and marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

Social media is a great way to collect valuable customer feedback. With billions of people around the world already engaged on these social media platform, you should create profiles and provide customer support for your food truck for those valuable customers who want an easier, faster way to get in touch with you than by jumping on a phone call.

The key is to be proactive about it. Don’t sit back and wait for negative social media feedback to build to the point of no return.

How do you handle social media feedback for your food truck? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter