When something is new, it’s human nature to treat it like a chore. Chores are often time-consuming and not fun. Social media isn’t a chore cannot be looked at this way to be successful. While I know on weekend mornings, it really only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to vacuum the house, however, the idea of doing it becomes daunting.

If this is how you look at social media for your food truck business, of course it is going to feel overly time consuming and like a chores. You may even figure you just don’t have time for it. However, if you think of it like speaking with your customers at your truck, you will be ready and happy to add it to daily your routine.

Do you already take the time to make sure customers understand your everything involved in preparing your menu items? Do you consider that something you don’t have time for?

Maybe on busy days you do not feel like you have the time; regardless, you still understand the value. Same principle, different audience. Both are your customers.

Social Media Isn’t A Chore: 5 Ways To Make It Easy

  • Share content from other content creators.
  • Reshare older, evergreen content.
  • Share recent content multiple times.
  • Prioritize sharing content from trusted sites.
  • Queue social updates throughout your day.

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The Bottom Line

Your food truck’s social media presence is part of a brand that you created for your business. Social media isn’t only about creating content. It’s about engaging with your current customer base and with potential customers.

It is a way to market your business, food and self with your followers and to keep them coming back for more. Sure, there will be times that it feels like a competition to get the next viral post, but never let social media become a chore. Keep it fun for you, your staff and your followers.

Do you have any social media productivity tips to change food truck owners minds into one that thinks that social media isn’t a chore? If so, please feel free to share them in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook