tip of the day

There is no doubt that Twitter is influential and tweeting your food truck’s next location is an important task, just recently it was found that the company has over 140 million active accounts. So how can your food truck business reap the benefits of this popular service outside of posting your current or next parking location? Try these three things:

  • Listen. You need to know what people are saying about you in the Twitterverse. Use Twitter Search to help you track what customers are saying about your food truck brand.
  • Talk. Get your voice in the mix to help build your following. But, don’t just yammer on about how great your menu items are. Give your customers something useful, such as special offers or information.
  • Support. Twitter is a great place to find prospective customers who need help. Attempt to solve their problems for them and they’ll often tweet to turn their complaint into a compliment.