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Learn How To Start A Food Truck Business

Learn the ins and outs of how to start a business in the fastest growing sector of the mobile food industry. From concept development to creating your business entity, we have you covered.

Startup Basics

  • set realistic expectations

Set Realistic Expectations When Beginning

Be sure to set realistic expectations when marketing your new food truck brand. Established brands that come from the brick and mortar restaurants start with name recognition and emotional connections to thousands of fans, a huge advantage on [...]

  • The Right Time To Start A Food Truck

Find The Right Time To Start A Food Truck

It takes a lot of bravery to open up your own food truck and finally pursue your big idea. There are plenty of risks in becoming a mobile food vendor, but for those who are [...]

  • startup food truck

Startup Food Truck Business Tips To Get Started On The Right Foot

While I have yet to open my own food truck, I have been part of the mobile food industry for a long time now. I have watched many of the food trucks that have opened [...]

  • Successful Mobile Food Business

3 Ingredients Needed To Start A Successful Mobile Food Business

Today we discuss 3 ingredients needed to start a successful mobile food business. No food truck or cart business succeeds without a great chef, great locations to operate from and a great concept. Not only [...]

  • food truck design

Gourmet Food Truck Design Basics

A developed food truck design is an absolute must if you want your food truck to be efficient and safe. Not every prospective vendor is going to purchase a fully designed and equipped vehicle. Others [...]

  • Tips For Starting A Food Truck

4 Practical Tips For Starting A Food Truck Business Right

Although the food truck industry growing exponentially, it’s still a great time to be a mobile food entrepreneur. In the last decade, technology has helped to level the playing field in the food service industry [...]

  • pizza equipment

Pizza Equipment: Learn What You Need For Your Pizza Truck

The increasing interest in pizza has given rise to pizza trucks across the country. If you’re thinking of opening a pizza truck, you have a lot to consider. Do you want to buy or lease [...]

  • mobile food vehicles

Mobile Food Vehicles: What Platform To Run Your Business From

So you've developed your food truck menu. You've selected the equipment you need to prepare your dishes. What now? Now you have to sort through the various mobile food vehicles available to to run your [...]

  • Owning a Food Truck

Is Owning A Food Truck Right For You?

Owning a food truck isn't easy. For those that do, it has become a great investment in their lives. With the widespread growth of food trucks and food carts in the United States, aspiring food vendors [...]

  • soft opening

Soft Opening: A Great Way To Have A Fantastic Grand Opening

Don't let the first day you open your service window be your official grand opening. Instead, consider holding a soft opening to work out the kinks. A reader of Mobile Cuisine is a friend of [...]

Business Plan

  • business plan should answer

6 Questions Every Food Truck Business Plan Should Answer

Developing the perfect business plan is often a challenge for prospective food truck owners. However, one of the biggest challenges standing in the way of a good business plan is the fact that no two [...]

  • update your food truck business plan

Why You Need To Update Your Food Truck Business Plan

Many food truck owners create a business plan only to let it gather dust after they open for business. If you are doing this you are missing out on a useful management tool. For that reason [...]

  • business planning

Start Business Planning For Your Food Truck Early On

We get a lot of inquiries from people kicking the tires so to speak. They are interested in opening their own food truck. Owning a restaurant or a food truck has been a lifelong dream for [...]

  • food truck business plan tips

10 Important Food Truck Business Plan Tips

Thinking about starting a new food truck and need a business plan for yourself or possible lenders? You’ve come to the right place.  Compiling a business plan takes time and effort, but the process can [...]

  • business plans

3 Components Of Great Food Truck Business Plans

So you have a great concept for a food truck that you’re stoked to start up. It can be an exciting and thrilling opportunity to get your own food truck on the road, but it’s [...]

  • Market Analysis Section

Food Truck Business Plans: Market Analysis Section

The market analysis section of your food truck business plan illustrates your knowledge of the mobile food industry. Here, you present general highlights and conclusions of any marketing research data you’ve collected. The market analysis [...]

  • business plan

20 Reasons You Need A Food Truck Business Plan

So, you've decided that you have what it takes to start your own food truck. Are you wondering what you should do first? Don't worry, you're not alone. Most prospective food truck vendors owners ask [...]

  • business concept section

Food Truck Business Plans: Business Concept Section

The business concept section for a food truck business plan is one of three primary elements that potential investors will actually take time to read because it answers their primary question, "What am I investing [...]

  • Food Truck Financial Expenses

Food Truck Financial Expenses For Your Business Plan

Even though it may be at the end of your food truck business plan, your food truck financial expenses are in the financial plan section is the section that determines whether or not your mobile food [...]

  • food truck business plans

Food Truck Business Plans: The Key Sections To Focus On

A business plan is vital for most new businesses but it is an absolute must imperative for a prospective mobile food vendor. By creating food truck business plans, you do two things: Show prospective investors [...]


  • Trademarking Your Mobile Food Truck Name

Trademarking Your Mobile Food Truck Name

Fledgling food truck owners are often misguided when it comes to selecting names for their businesses. Sure, you want it to attract customers, but you don't want it to attract lawsuits. Today we'll share some basics [...]

  • stem

Use STEM System To Prevent Legal Issues Before They Happen

How can food truck vendors operate their mobile food business to minimize chances of illegal actions? They must manage it in a way that uses a preventive legal management system. They must minimize the risk [...]

  • Franchising Legal Issues

Avoid These Franchising Legal Issues When Expanding Your Food Truck

Franchising has come to the food truck industry. If you’re considering franchising your food truck, remember to do your homework regarding franchising legal issues. Franchising is governed by federal and state laws that require franchisors to provide [...]

  • food handler certificate

What Food Vendors Need To Know About The Food Handler Certificate

Deciding to open a mobile food business is rarely an overnight inspiration. For some food truck owners it has been on their mind for years but for others it is something that developed over a [...]

  • Food Truck Sole Proprietorships

Pros And Cons Of Food Truck Sole Proprietorships

A sole proprietorship is considered the simplest form of business organization. Only one person owns and is in charge of the business. But then again, one person reaps all the profits or assumes all of [...]

  • recipe protection

Recipe Protection: Are Your Food Truck Recipes Really Your Own?

Did you start your food truck up with a family recipe or that special way of preparing an ingredient that sets your mobile food business apart from the competition? To be able to maintain that [...]

  • legal mistakes

5 Common Food Truck Legal Mistakes Easily Avoided

Food truck owners consistently attempt to present their mobile food businesses as different from other businesses in the food service industry. And they should since differentiation is how you make your food truck stand out [...]

  • moving your food truck

Legalities Of Moving Your Food Truck To Another State

Food trucks aren’t typically stationary. They move from city to city selling their delectable menu items. For trucks that work within colder climates, a growing trend is relocating to warmer climates during the winter months. [...]

  • copyrighting recipes

Copyrighting Recipes: Can You Protect Your Food Truck

The topic of copyrighting recipes is common in the mobile food industry. It's a topic I am often asked about, and due to not being attorney myself, I have always recommended speaking with an attorney. [...]

  • food truck laws

Learn Local Food Truck Laws Before Opening

Opening a food truck requires a lot of work and preparation. As a part of the preparation, you must become familiar with and adhere to the local food truck laws that govern the mobile food [...]

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