Food Truck Technology

Running a food truck these days takes more than a truck and good food. Technology is helping today’s food truck vendor market and increase profits.


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Trello Productivity App Review

As we have written numerous times, organizing your food truck workflow will boost your productivity & help you to get things done. Today we’ll share a productivity application that will help you do that. Trello [...]

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Food Truck POS System Protects Businesses From Fraud

SPRINGFIELD, MA - In an effort to better serve food truck owners and customers alike, Tursus Software has created Food on a Truck (FOAT), an app that brings easy-to-use tools and business protection in the [...]

  • Provides New Food Truck Marketing Option

OWINGS, MD - is the only discount food marketplace and search engine of its kind in the world. They provide easy access not just to the savvy marketplace tech trader, but also to the [...]

  • food moves

Food Moves To Provide Real Time Food Truck Tracking

Food Moves hopes to change the way Americans eat by making every meal an adventure. The Food Moves app will be the first real-time food truck tracking application to hit the mobile food industry. The [...]

  • Mobile Ordering System

Is A Mobile Ordering System Right For Your Food Truck

Technology and the mobile food industry work hand in hand with each other. As technology improves, food trucks have been given more tools to build their mobile businesses. Take out has long been a big [...]

Square Releases Dashboard: Real-Time Sales Data On The Go

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Being a business owner means you’re constantly on the move. Running to one location to interview a new barista, jetting over to a catering gig to make sure everything’s all set [...]

  • Mobilize Your Mobile Business

Mobilize Your Food Truck: How Smartphones Can Help

Advertising a food truck business has its advantages over those businesses more rooted to an actual building; however, getting the word out about your meals-on-wheels business can take some extra work. One great marketing strategy [...]


The Great Food Truck Case (INFOGRAPHIC)

Our friends over at Armor Active have something they'd like to share. We agree that it's a great concept. Who wants to have to continually reinvest in an Ipad or other mobile device. For any size [...]

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How Food Trucks Can Gain Traction Over Competitors

Food trucks are all the rage right now. You’d be hard-pressed to find a major metro area without a these popular nomadic restaurants.  Some have written off the mobile food industry's success as a fad, [...]

4 Must-Have Pieces of Hardware for Your Food Truck

Your day is filled with simmering stock, sizzling steaks, chopping fresh vegetables, writing menus and other food-based activities— all in the back of a truck, van or bus. However, as a busy chef and mobile [...]

Your Food Truck Website

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Help Your Mobile Business Get Found Online With SEO

In the beginning, search engine optimization (SEO) was a specialized skill and you had to hire a professional to drive traffic to your food truck's website. Today, while SEO Is still somewhat of an art [...]

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Preventing Plagiarism Of Your Online Content

Yesterday I was greeted with a very unhappy email from an online author. He informed me that three recent articles published on Mobile Cuisine were word for word copies of articles he had posted on [...]

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5 Steps To Your Food Truck Website Launch

Are you getting ready for a website launch for your food truck? Unless you are an experienced website developer, you’ll quickly learn that it takes time, talent, and money to build a food truck site. [...]

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6 Ways To Reduce Your Food Truck Website Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a metric that gets used a lot when discussing websites. Unfortunately, a lot of food truck owners don’t understand how this metric applies to them. If you do a simple search on [...]

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5 Tips To Get Your Food Truck Blog Rolling

You want to keep your current customers coming back to your service window. You want to gain new customers too. Today we'll discuss a way to meet both of these goals that many food truck owners [...]

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7 Domain Name Considerations For Your Food Truck Website

The domain name you select for your food truck website is just as important as the name you choose for your mobile food business.  After all, your website is the face of your food truck online. Before [...]

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Increase Website Traffic To Your Food Truck Website

If you are like most food truck owners, you've got a food truck website, but you want to increase website traffic. While the design and user experience are very important to keep people on your [...]

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Add A Suggestion Box To Your Website

Many food truck owners cite lack of time, cost and experience as reasons for not delving too deep into the social media arena. However, there are options for building a low-cost and relatively low-maintenance online presence. Add [...]

  • mobile friendly food truck website

Do You Have A Mobile Friendly Food Truck Web Site

If your food truck website is currently not mobile friendly, you have less than a week to change that, or find your site getting hurt. In the next week Google previously announced it is making two major [...]

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Food Truck WordPress Theme Update Includes WooCommerce

Are you still struggling to get your food truck website online? Last year a group of website designers created a very helpful theme for food truck vendors to use to create a fully functional website [...]