Food Truck Marketing Strategies

Learn how to take your food truck to the next level by learning marketing strategies from old school marketing tactics to the new world of social media.


  • Good Press for your Food Truck

Getting Good Press For Your Food Truck

Have you received good press for your food truck business? If not, keep reading to find out how you can without breaking the bank. Over time, more and more small business owners have grown skeptical of [...]

  • co-branding

Co-Branding In The Mobile Food Industry

Would Starbucks coffee ice cream add to your food truck’s dessert list? Would Billy Bob’s local barbecue sauce boost the sales of your BBQ menu items? Or, would an Oreo crust make your cheesecake sound [...]


  • logo

Creating A Successful Food Truck Logo

If you love traveling and bringing happiness to people through food, then you've probably started dreaming of having your own successful food truck. Essentially a restaurant on wheels, a food truck offers mobility and flexibility—two [...]

  • name your food truck

What To Ask Before You Name Your Food Truck

What's in a food truck’s name? When deciding what to call your mobile food business, the answer is plenty. Your food truck’s name can be too quirky or not memorable enough. The challenge for all prospective [...]

  • food truck branding

Why Food Truck Branding Matters

While speaking at a previous ROAM Conference, during an afternoon breakout session, I was asked a question about food truck branding that I felt needed to expand on for our readers. Food Truck Branding...What is it [...]

  • reinventing your food truck brand

Reinventing Your Food Truck Brand

Have you ever wondered why people get so worked up about the New Year? The answer is because the New Year brings new opportunities for everyone. It’s a time when many make resolutions to do [...]

Social Media

  • Food Truck Blog Mistakes

Avoid These Food Truck Blog Mistakes

We have shared numerous articles on food truck website development and more specifically how and why food truck owners should be posting in their site’s blog. Today we'll discuss some common food truck blog mistakes [...]

  • food truck menu on facebook

Posting Your Food Truck Menu On Facebook

Some of you may have missed it but Facebook announced that food trucks can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact to Facebook pages. SinglePlatform helps mobile food businesses showcase their most important information anywhere [...]

  • social media isn't a chore

Social Media Isn’t A Chore

When something is new, it's human nature to treat it like a chore. Chores are often time-consuming and not fun. Social media isn't a chore cannot be looked at this way to be successful. While [...]

  • pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Your Food Truck

First, if your food truck  hasn't made the plunge into the amazing world of Pinterest, I highly recommend you jump in. If your mobile food business is already on Pinterest, and you’re having some issues getting [...]

Cause Marketing

  • meatless mondays

Meatless Mondays And Your Food Truck

Each week new Meatless Monday participating restaurants and food trucks are popping up worldwide. To do our part in supporting Meatless Mondays we believe that sharing information, recipes, and news about vegetarianism and leading a [...]

  • giving tuesday logo

Giving Tuesday And The GiveNetwork

The Thanksgiving weekend is the official kick-off of the winter holidays and gift buying.  We’ve all overdosed on a combo of family, turkey, potatoes and desserts.  Before the dishes had even been cleared, the conversation [...]

  • national senior citizens day

Join The Fight And Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

“For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute.  We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by making sure [...]

  • get to know your customers

Get To Know Your Customers – Win a $500 Gas Card

It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day tomorrow.  This official day is occurs on the third Thursday at the beginning of every quarter.  Rather than “celebrating” an official day, we have a feeling that this is more [...]

  • Shark Awareness Day

Food Trucks And Shark Awareness Day

July has a lot of fun “awareness” days.  In fact, today is “International Nude Day” and “Shark Awareness Day.”  International Nude Day may not necessarily apply to any food trucks unless you get a random [...]

  • Cheer Up The Lonely

How Does Your Food Truck Cheer Up The Lonely?

Today is Cheer Up The Lonely Day!  You may wonder why we’d cover a “holiday” like this?  Well, that’s an easy response.  Mobile Cuisine, along with the GiveNetwork and GiveMobi, has been promoting Fighting Hunger [...]

  • COH Disaster-response

Win A $500 Gas Card While Fighting Hunger In America

Even though you didn’t win the $500 gas card this time, we’re giving you another chance! Register your truck to Fight Hunger In America by August 30 and you will be entered for the drawing [...]

  • BONMi GN Sign

BONMi Food Truck Wins $500 For Fighting Hunger

Congratulations to BONMi!  They have won the $500 gas card from the GiveNetwork/Mobile Cuisine food truck initiative - Fighting Hunger In America! They are one of the many food trucks that have signed up to [...]