As all successful food truck owners know, the secret to loyal customers is no secret. Great food and food truck customer service will bring consumers back, over and over. On the other hand if a staff member looks dismissive, bored, or is just plain rude, poor food truck customer service can be a death knell for a mobile food business. Most consumers will complain about bad customer service as much as they do about their taxes local politicians.

Bad customer service can quickly kill your food truck’s reputation and devastate your bottom line. Good customer service can be a way for savvy food truck owners to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In today’s technology based industry a food truck’s growth can accelerate or stall based on how it understands and approaches customer service. If you think about it; there are three types of people who determine whether or not new customers will track down your food truck.

  • People they interact at your truck.
  • People they know in real life.
  • Those they know and trust online.

A poor experience with any one of these people could result in a big boost in business; for your competition. Today we’ll discuss the four key components for providing outstanding food truck customer service. If you want to do well, you need to excel in each of them.

Four Keys For Providing Outstanding Food Truck Customer Service

A Quality Menu

Do you want to buy or be served mediocre or awful food? Of course you don’t, so why do that to the customers who walk up to your food truck’s service window? The best way to reduce customer complaints is to provide consistently, high-quality food.

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Awesome Service

No one will care how good your food is if you or your staff do a poor job of delivering it. Loyal customers appreciate care and attention. If not provided, they tend to resent it, and will show their displeasure with their feet.

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Keep The Line Moving

Today’s consumer is not that patient. Early adopters of the food truck industry won’t wait around for you and your staff to get your acts together. Expectations of what timely a food truck service is, are always changing. If you can’t deliver a good meal in the time they want it, they’ll move on to the competition.

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Be Prepared When Things Go Wrong

Have a process in place to deal with disgruntled customers before problems arise. Be sure to genuinely work out issues with angry customers. This will typically get them to calm down, and then resolving the issue becomes much easier.

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The Bottom Line

Great food truck customer service begins with communication and genuine attention to your customers. When consumers visit your food truck, you want them to feel welcome. When you and your staff treat them well while providing an excellent meal, they’ll keep coming back to your food truck over and over.

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