Food Letter DDandelion: Wild and cultivated leaves used in salads.

Dariole: A small cylindrical mold.

Date: The stoned fruit of the palm tree.

Daube: A method of braising meat, vegetables or fish.

Dauphinoise: A slow baked dish containing cream and garlic.

Deglaze: To heat wine or other liquid with remaining cooking juices and sediment left in pan after roasting to make a sauce.

Deep Fry: To fry food by immersing it in hot oil or fat.

Demerara Sugar: Pale, mild raw cane sugar.

Devil: To add hot, sharp seasons to meat, fish or poultry before grilling or roasting.

Demi-glace Sauce: A rich brown sauce, made from a reduction of beef stock, basis for many classic sauces.

Descaling Fish To scrape scales from a fish.

Desiccated Coconut: Sweetened dried coconut shreds.

Dice: Small squares of food, technically smaller than a cube.

Dory or John Dory: A flat, sea fish, with white flesh, also known as St Peter’s fish.

Double Cream: Cream is 48% fat, withstands boiling, whips well and can be frozen. Called heavy cream in America

Dover Sole: A flat, sea fish, with white flesh.

Dredge: To sift flour or sugar evenly over food.

Dripping: The fat extracted from meat whilst roasting, or from rendering down animal fat.

Dropping Consistency: The consistency of a mixture when it reluctantly falls off the spoon.

Dry: Wine term meaning not sweet.

Dulse: A coarse but edible seaweed.

Dublin Bay Prawn: A small lobster, a saltwater crayfish. Also known as Norway lobster, langoustine or scampi.

Duxelles: A thick pâté of chopped mushrooms, onion and thyme. used as a stuffing or garnish.

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