Galangal: A member of the ginger family, used in a similar manner.

Gammon: Cured whole leg of pork, served hot.

Garam Masala: A mixture of spices used in Indian dishes.

Garlic: A pungent member of the onion family used as a flavouring.

Garlic Salt: A mixture of salt and ground dehydrated garlic powder.

Gelatin: A setting agent, derived from animals, available as a powder or a sheet. Used to make jellies, mousses, etc.

Glaze: To brush liquid over food to give it a glossy appearance.

Globe Artichoke: A vegetable the leaves and base (heart) of which are eaten.

Glucose: The natural sugar, found in fruit and other foods, which is easily absorbed by the body.

Gluten: The protein in flour which, gives the dough elasticity and strength.

Gorgonzola: An Italian cow’s milk cheese, pale in color with blue veining.

Gram Flour: A pale yellow, flour made from ground chickpeas.

Granadilla: A member of the passion fruit family, with an orange skin and sweet pulp.

Granità: A sorbet made from a slightly sweetened syrup flavoured with coffee or liqueur.

Gratin: A dish that is topped with cheese or breadcrumbs and grilled until golden and crispy.

Gravy: A sauce made from thickened meat juices, often with added stock or wine.

Griddle: A flat cast-iron pan used for breads and scones, or to cook meats. Can have a flat or ridged surface depending on it’s use.

Groundnut: the seed of a member of the pea family, can be roasted, salted and eaten whole or used in cooked dishes. It’s oil is used for cooking. Also known as a peanut.

Gruel: A thin cereal, usually oatmeal, cooked in milk or water.

Guinea fowl: A game bird, now domesticated, available year round.

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