Fava Beans: Fresh or dried broad beans.

Fennel: There are two main uses for this aromatic plant as vegetable and as a herb.

Fenugreek: Aromatic seeds used as a flavoring.

Feta Cheese: A creamy white Greek cheese made from ewe’s and cow’s milk and kept in brine to give a salty flavor.

Fillet: A boned, lean cut of meat, fish or poultry.

Fiberts: See: Hazelnut

Filo Pastry: Very thin sheets of pastry east European and Middle Eastern dishes.

Fines Herbes: A mixture of chopped herbs.

Finnan Haddie: Smoked haddock, originally from the Scottish town of Findon.

Fish Kettle: An oblong or oval pan with a lid and an inner removable grid used for poaching fish.

Flaky Pastry: A pastry made of layers that become flakier when cooked.

Flambé: French term for flamed, food that is ignited with a small amount of liquor poured over, the burning alcohol envelops the dish in flames.

Flan: Open pie filled with a sweet or savory filling.

Florentine: A dish containing spinach, or a small biscuit.

Florets: Individual flower stems of the heads of vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Foie Gras: The liver of force fed geese or ducks

Fold: To mix ingredients whilst retaining air. Often to incorporate flour or sugar with beaten egg whites.

Fond: A flavored stock used for making a sauces and soups.

Fondant: A soft sweet icing. Sautéed potatoes crisped with a soft center.

Fool: A cold dessert made from whipped cream and fruit purée.

Forcemeat: A stuffing for meat, poultry or vegetables.

Frangipane: A almond flavored sweet pastry cream.

French Dressing: An oil and vinegar cold sauce used to dress salads. Also known as vinaigrette.

Fricassée: A white stew.

Fritter: Meat, fish, fruit or vegetable covered in batter or breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Fromage Frais: Low-fat, fresh curd cheese

Fumet: A stock used for flavoring sauces, strong-flavored usually mushroom or fish flavored.

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