Nasturtium: A plant whose yellow/orange flowers can be used as an ingredient or garnish in salads.

Navarin: A French lamb or mutton with potatoes and vegetable stew.

Nibbed Almonds: Skinned almonds cut into small pieces shaped like nibs.

Noisette: 1. A small round steak of rib or loin of lamb or mutton. 2. Beurre noisette: butter heated until it turns nut brown. 3. French for hazelnut.

Noodles: A type of pasta cut into thin flat strips.

Norway Lobster: A small lobster, a saltwater crayfish. Also known as Dublin Bay Prawn, langoustine or scampi.

Nougat: A sweet made from sugar, almonds or nuts and honey.

Nutmeg: An oval seed from a tropical tree, which is dried, ground and used to flavor a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes.

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