They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, so if you want to catch the “big one”, you gotta be yourself and be funny. In this article, I list captions that will help you describe you caption everything from deep sea fishing expeditions to the local river. I’ll cast my best ideas in your direction right now. 

Fishing Caption

Are you about to go on a fishing trip? Here’s a list of all purpose caption ideas. 

  • If no one takes your bait, it’s because the big fish is still on the way.
  • I love fun weather when I can soak my feet in the water all day.
  • The perfect bait knows how to wait.
  • The best fishing trips don’t start until you crack open a Busch Light.
  • I look rad whenever I hold my fishing rod.
  • Hours never felt like hours when I’m out in the waters waiting for a fish to come.
  • Even the sun looks pumped for today’s fishing event!
  • Don’t chase the fish, let the fish come to you.
  • Sometimes, I’d rather go fishing than swallow a pill for healing.
  • I could almost see “fishing” written in my prescription today.
  • I still jump like a five-year-old whenever I catch a fish.

Ice Fishing Captions

As a native Minnesotan myself, I appreciate a winter fishing expedition in an ice house. These caption ideas will make you shiver in anticipation for an ice fishing trip.

  • Shivering toes, chattering teeth, and big fish swimming underneath.
  • I just wanted to ice skate. I saw a hole in the ground, and suddenly got a rod in my hand.
  • Ice fishing never fails to melt my heart.
  • No matter how cold it gets, my fishing rod will bring warmth to my soul.
  • The ice is too slippery that I always fall in love with fishing.
  • Does fish taste better when it’s from the water? I have to find out.
  • Whoever thought of ice fishing is a genius.
  • I went ice fishing with salmon today. They find it fishy.
  • I break ice not hearts.
  • It’s a good day to go ice fishing, don’t you think?
  • Life gets better when I go ice fishing.
  • How cod I refuse an ice fishing trip?
  • I wanna go somewhere cold; somewhere I can hold a fishing rod and wait for fish to come.
  • At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever get hungry if I’m left alone in a cold place.
  • The bait can wait but my excitement for ice fishing can’t.

Fly Fishing Captions

Father and son bonding.

  • I like my water activity adventurous.
  • Fly fishing, huh? How hard can this be?
  • Isn’t it amusing to know which bait a fish would fall for?
  • Don’t mind me. I’m just out here fishing today.
  • If you want to move my heart, take me to a moving water and let’s go fly fishing together.
  • My heart flies with happiness whenever I catch a fish.
  • You’ll never know real adventure unless you try fly fishing.
  • I have thought about which fly I’m going to catch today to catch a fish. 
  • Am I fishing with flies or are fishes flying with me?
  • It takes wit to know which fly would fool a fish.
  • The best way to lure a fish is to know which bait it would fly for. 
  • I feed the fish with flies, The fish feeds me itself. It’s a good day!
  • It takes good humor to lure a fish out of the water.
  • May our aspirations fly as high as the fish.
  • Fly fishing moves my heart as much as the water moves underneath me.

Deep Sea Fishing Captions

Dive into an adventurous fishing journey with these caption ideas for the ocean.

  • I love swimming with the fish before I feed on them.
  • I love the freedom I have in the depths of the sea.
  • Why should I wait when I can jump into the sea and be the bait?
  • There’s a paradise awaiting in the depths of the sea.
  • I feed my passion before I sate my hunger.
  • My head’s underwater and I’m fishing fine. 
  • Somehow, I can feel that the sea is my home now.
  • I could stay underwater and hunt for fish forever if I could. 
  • I could do this all day.
  • Sometimes, if you want to catch the big one, you gotta put yourself out there.
  • It doesn’t matter how deep is the sea as long as I can fish and be free.
  • No one can take away my love for the sea and its fishes.
  • If I’m not around,  I might be somewhere deep in the ocean.
  • You never know what fish you’ll find until you dive into their world.
  • The underwater is my home now.

Funny Fishing Captions

Group of fishermen in the middle of the ocean trying to get a catch.

  • What if the fish is bigger than my boat? FISHsaster!
  • Fishing is the perfect hobby for my hungry soul.
  • Finding nemo and dory has never been this harder.
  • I could feed myself forever like this.
  • True love waits and so does fishing by the lake.
  • Who needs a freezer when you can go ice fishing today?
  • I’m practically a mermaid with my underwater hunting skills.

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  • If only I could freeze time, I would go fishing forever.
  • The cod never bothered me anyway.
  • Ice just wanna go fishing all day.
  • Fishing is my middle name. It just changed my life. 
  • Hey e-fish, I’m the real clickbait.
  • The best way to do nothing is to sit by the lake and go fishing.
  • I love chilling with my fishes underwater.
  • They said I should go to school, so I went fishing all day.
  • Some fish are just too gullible they would take any bait I have. 

Fishing Quotes

If you’re fishing for more inspiration, I’ve got your bait right here. 

  • “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” —Henry David Thoreau
  • “Last year, I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish.” —-Steven Wright
  • “I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent.” —Nick Lyons

“Soon after I embraced the sport of angling, I became convinced that I should never be able to enjoy it if I had to rely on the cooperation of the fish.” —Sparse Grey

  • “Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.” —Ernest Hemingway
  • “It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year.” —Theodore Gordon
  • “One thing becomes clearer as one gets older and one’s fishing experience increases, and that is the paramount importance of one’s fishing companions.” —John Ashley Cooper
  • “The solution to any problem — work, love, money, whatever is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.” —John Gierarch

Funny Fishing Quotes

Sunset is when you get the most bites.

Here’s a list of witty quotes that will make you fall in love more with fishing!

  • “I’ve gone fishing thousands of times in my life, and I have never once felt unlucky or poorly paid for those hours on the water.” —William Tapply
  • “Anglish is extremely time-consuming. That’s sort of the whole point.” —Thomas McGuane

“Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths.” —Anonymous

  • “The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.” —A.K Best
  • “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” —Douglas Adams
  • “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you’re a consultant.” —Scott Adams
  • “Which fish dresses the best? A swordfish because it always looks sharp!” —Johnny B. Laughing
  • “The angling fever is a very real disease and can only be cured by the application of cold water, and fresh, untainted air.” —Theodore Gordon

Fishing Caption For Him

Here’s a list of captions your man can use for his fishing trip!

  • Fishing taught me to be patient until the right fish comes along.. 
  • Fishes come and go bro, but you know I fly.
  • I Catch a fly to catch a fish. That’s what I do every day.
  • Flies on the hook, fish in the brook. Hands-on the rod, I’m feeling pretty rad. 
  • I wouldn’t trade a day of fishing for anything else.
  • Fishing reminds me to take my time when I spend time with myself.
  • Fishing brings out the hunter in me.
  • The best bait for the best bae.
  • Don’t judge me by my rod. Judge me by my catch.
  • What’s the catch?
  • Cold beer, grilled food, great friends.
  • I live for the fish in the sea.
  • I’m basically a fishing god.
  • Does this make me a descendant of Poseidon?

Fishing Caption For Her

  • She’s the only catch who never takes the bait.
  • I’m hooked on her smile.
  • Her rad beauty got me chasing her bait.
  • Her sweet smile, whenever she catches a fish, melts me.
  • Her eyes twinkle in delight whenever I invite her to go fly fishing with me.
  • I’m a bait for her love.
  • She can catch whatever she fishes her mind into.
  • I wonder if there are fishes to catch in her ocean eyes.
  • Her presence takes me to the solemn lake where fishes swim underwater.
  • She’s a fisher and I’m a sea creature willing to take her bait.
  • I taught her how to fish, she taught me how to love.
  • How can she fish so gracefully?
  • I go fishing until the saltiness of the air and water clings to my skin.
  • I took my dad’s bait to go fishing. Now, my feet swim every lake they can find.

Fishing Caption For Couples

Looks like we caught our limit.

The couple that fishes together… Stays together.

  • I would fish the world’s seven seas until I catch your love.
  • Just like how islanded in your arms, you catch my heart with your smile.
  • I’m the Nemo and you’re my Dory. With me, you’ll never find love to other places again!
  • I wouldn’t be anywhere far from this lake where we first met.
  • Only the fishes know how deep my love for you can go.
  • Of all the love stories I’ve read, I’m hooked on ours the most.
  • I could spend hours in the water fishing for your love.
  • There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting by the lake and fishing with your date.
  • I caught the greatest catch in your ocean eyes.
  • The lake and its fishes are witnesses of our love.
  • Together, we’ll create memories — by the lake, with our fishing rods.
  • I’d fish every swimming creature in the world and feed you with my love.

Fishing Hashtags

Let your friends discover your fishing journey with these hashtags!

  • #Fisherfolks
  • #ToFishOrNotToFish
  • #SomethingFishy
  • #AnotherDayOfIceFishing
  • #WhatsYourFishingStory
  • #HookedOnTheFish
  • #IceOnTheFish
  • #DeepSeaFishingVentures
  • #WondersOfFishing
  • #FishingBackToSchool
  • #ForFishSake
  • #FishesAndFriends
  • #FreeTheFishes
  • #AnglersAnthem
  • #FavoriteAnglers
  • #EveryAnglersDream

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  • #FishForEveryone
  • #FishingWeekends
  • #WishForFish
  • #FindingNemo
  • #FishyAndGoofy
  • #TheFishingBuddies
  • #SeaCampFishGalore
  • #ByThePowerOfTheFish
  • #BaitIsBae
  • #FishHunters
  • #FunnyFishingMoments
  • #TheFishingFairies
  • #MiraclesOfTheSea
  • #GreatestCatchOfAllTimes

Tips For Taking A Good Fishing Photo

Drop the net and start fishing!

Taking photos of your fishing trip can be quite challenging. But with a little preparation and a modern iPhone, I think anyone can snap a memorable shot. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Don’t Face The Sun. If you’re the photographer, stand where the sunlight shines behind your back so you can capture crisp details of your subject. While a silhouette concept can be good sometimes, you wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of the moment.
  • Tell A Story. A picture could paint a thousand words. Instead of focusing on the fish you caught, widen the scope of your image and capture the scene in front of you. The picture should make you curious about the story behind it. “How large is that fish?” “How long did it take them to catch it?” “Was the weather nice?” This is how you keep a memory alive.
  • Keep Your Background Simple. There can be a lot going on on a fishing trip. When you’re about to take a photo, find a spot where nothing can distract your eyes from the subject. Only capture what matters in the story you are trying to tell.

Nothing beats the warmth of the sun on your back while you stand in the waters, waiting for a fish to take the bait. In the United States, 2020 saw the highest fishing participation rate at around 55 million Americans. 

It’s nice to spend time with yourself fishing by the lake but it’s also memorable to cast your fishing rods with your friends and family. Whether you’ll go on a trip alone or plan to team up with somebody, I hope these captions inspire you to create more memories.