5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Food Truck Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your food truck business is simple enough but attracting new fans to your page and keeping them tuned in to your content can be a challenge in itself. Today we’ll share five simple ideas on how to freshen up your food truck Facebook page so that your fans will look forward to your updates and will hopefully turn to you when they need a craving taken care of.

5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Food Truck Facebook Page

Behind-The-Scenes Photos

People love to see behind-the-scenes action of food trucks. These types of posts will make your fans feel like they have the inside scoop on your truck.

  • Post pictures of your staff before their shift smiling and ready to go before the next rush.
  • Snap some photos of dishes you are testing that have yet to make it onto your menu. Peak curiosity by asking your fans to stay tuned to try out the item
  • Post photos taken at any community or charity food truck events your truck has participated in

Ask Trivia Questions

For some reason, we have found that people love to answer Trivia questions and more importantly, they like being the FIRST person to answer correctly. Designate a day each week (Trivia Tuesday for example) to ask a trivia question that is in line with whats happening in the areas you operate.

  • Before Halloween post a question regarding the holiday
  • Ask your fans of the exact date the truck opened or how you created its name

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Offer Facebook Exclusivity

Facebook fans love to feel special and there is no better way to do that than by offering an exclusive deal to them only? Post a coupon or announcement to your Facebook page and be sure to clarify that the promotion is for your Facebook fans ONLY.

  • Offer a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree to all Facebook fans for one day
  • Create a coupon for 20% off your first catering service local companies

Talk About Something Other Than Your Food Truck

There is nothing more annoying than a food truck’s Facebook page that spends all day, every day marketing to their fans by only talking about their mobile food business. Try to include content or information that isn’t just about you and your food truck.

  • Post about current local events
  • Provide content that is relevant to other food trucks in your area
  • Share content from Mobile Cuisine (please ignore the selfless plug)
  • Share content that will make people smile, laugh or think!

Ask Questions

Remember, if you ask, your loyal fans will answer. This may sound simple but you might be surprised how many food truck Facebook pages merely send out their daily locations. This is great way to ask your customers questions about the quality of the food you serve, the service your truck provides on the street as well as how they would like to see your social media efforts change.

  • Post photos of your menu items (every now and then) with a question that will get your most loyal fans talking, “We love our new [insert dish name]! Have you had a chance to try it? What did you think?”
  • Ask “How are we doing here? Tell us what you, our most awesome fans, would like to see more or less of from us on Facebook”
  • Poll questions are great for engaging fans and customers online. “Let’s settle this debate for good… Ketchup or Gravy on your fries?”

The Bottom Line

There is no absolute right or wrong way to operate a food truck’s social media marketing. New platforms seem to pop up daily and fads change as well. Try not to stay inside the box too much and  be sure to stay ahead of your competition by trying new things. If they fail, you can just move on to the next idea.

Do you have any other ways that you freshen up your food truck Facebook page? Share your thoughts in the comment section or social media. Twitter | Facebook

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