If you or your food truck’s social media team are consistently posting on social media but you still aren’t making much headway, you might be accidentally holding back all your hard work. The goal of a great social media campaign isn’t to post lot a bunch of content or even get tons of of likes; your goal should be to build engagement and turn followers into paying customers.

Are you making one or more of these common social media campaign mistakes?

Common Food Truck Social Media Campaign Mistakes

  • Posting Without A Plan. You can post your next food truck location all day long, but if you don’t have a plan for your social media campaign you’re spinning your wheels. You need to develop tactics based on a larger social media strategy; complete with specific, measurable goals. If you don’t take this step, all those likes or follows you gain aren’t likely to convert into customers.
  • Vanity Posting. In the marketing industry, experts discuss the 80/20 rule of social media a lot. In terms of the food truck industry this means that you should talk about your truck no more than 20% of the time. The remaining 80% of your posts should be sharing content such as industry news and helpful resources, joining conversations, and celebrating the others in that social media network.
  • Selling, Not Connecting. Always be closing? More like always be connecting. It’s possible for some food trucks to effectively use social media as a sales tool. But the key to remember is that it’s should be used as a relationship-building tool. Customers on social media generally steer clear of hard sells in favor of conversation, entertainment and information.
  • Posting On The Wrong Network. If your Facebook or Twitter Ads or posts are under-performing, do a little research. Find out if you are posting on the social platforms your customers use and at the times of day when they are online.
  • Nothing To See. If your audience size is where you want it but engagement is low, your posts might be a bit long on text and too short on multimedia. Try spicing up your social media content with images, videos and GIFs that tie into your food truck brand. This will help catch the eye of your followers as well as keep them entertained and engaged. 

The Bottom Line

Can’t get customers to engage with your social media posts? Try to avoid these common social media campaign mistakes and use the tips we provided to start converting your social media followers into paying customers.

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