Periscope [link] is a free, social media platform that has engagement built right into it. People start engaging with your food truck business, your menu, your brand and your employees seconds after installing it.

With over 10 million users since 2015, food truck vendors no longer need to come up with blog posts or take pictures of your food in the hopes of finding new people to like and follow your social  media accounts. The great thing is that you can stay ahead of the competition simply by using Periscope for 15 minutes a week.

The great thing is the ease of use of Periscope. You can use it even with a smart phone or tablet, and you anyone can watch your broadcast from another phone anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using Periscope On Your Food Truck

  • There are millions of users thus you can make thousands of new potential customers aware of your food truck business.
  • Unlike your food truck website, Facebook or Twitter customers will discover you simply because you are broadcasting.
  • You give them customers an inside look at your truck which gives potential customers a familiarity with your business to attract them to your service window.
  • Broadcasting with Periscope now means you will have thousands of followers within a few months. Followers who are local, will become familiar with your menu and location and who you can contact directly to offer special deals, challenges and incentives if they refer friends.
  • Broadcasting live on Periscope is free.

Food truck owners have been slowly capitalizing on Periscope to give customers an inside look into their mobile food businesses. Often times tweeting out when they will be live streaming ahead of time, then again at the time they go live. You can quickly gain a following on Periscope and build a bond with your followers.

How Food Truck Vendors Can Use Periscope

For food trucks, there are many opportunities you can stream live on Periscope and involve your customers.

  • Create An Entree: Put this entree together one of your popular entrees both in the truck and on social media. This not only is great for current customers, but may be intriguing to chefs and others around the world to learn about your cuisine.
  • Host A Q&A Session: Choose a topic pertinent to your food truck then host a Q&A. This will allow your customers to learn more about whatever topic they’d like to discuss.
  • Chat With Customers: Share a quick experience with followers or anyone that wants to find you with one of your regulars. Speak with them ahead of time, but if they are on board just have a quick conversation, share a laugh, anything with them! People will enjoy seeing that and will think of you the next time they’re in town, or if in town and looking for a great place to eat.
  • Use As A Teaching Opportunity: Host sessions to help your customers with tasks they can do in their own kitchen. For example how to break down proteins, cooking techniques and more.
  • Save and Share: Not everyone will be able to watch live when you broadcast, and Periscope does allow you the opportunity to save your broadcasts. After broadcasting, save the video and share it through social media or your food truck blog.

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Are you using Periscope on your food truck? Share your experiences with this platform in the comment section or on social media. Facebook | Twitter