Regardless of your culinary or mobile food industry expertise, you have something you can give away to your followers, fans or potential customers for free. And if you are attempting to get your food truck business involved in the local or national social scene, this is a prime way to use that knowledge. Sharing free, informative content on your social media accounts doesn’t just build trust; it may get new visitors to your food truck. Today we provide and article to show that you can build your brand by giving away your knowledge for free.

Why Give Away Your Knowledge For Free

Positive Brand Exposure

Brand exposure is your first step to converting your expertise into ROI. By offering your followers and customers free but valuable knowledge will keep them coming back, you increase your brand exposure.

Social Proof

By providing expert advice, you attract attention from those who value expert advice. Then, as you attract likes or comments from this crowd, you also attract others who are looking for an industry expert. Through this, you will have social proof that what you offer is worth the reading time.

Create Brand Ambassadors

Outside of having great food, offering your knowledge for free through your blog or social media is a key formula for creating brand ambassadors. First, you engage your audiences by offering them the valuable knowledge. In doing so, you equip them with knowledge that is share-worthy.

Not sure what to share? Try these examples:

  • Links to food truck industry resources.
  • Links to relevant news, even when it’s not promoting your own truck. As long as it provides some real value, you’re helping potential customers.
  • Link to a blog post on your food truck site that gives visitors tips such as  “4 Things To Avoid…”. Readers like lists.
  • Link to the About Us or FAQ page on your own website.

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The Bottom Line

Do you want to position yourself or your food truck brand as a thought leader in the industry? Just remember that you need to give in order to get.

What benefits have you experienced by giving away your knowledge for free? What do you see as being the pitfalls of giving away knowledge for free? Share your thoughts in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter