Social media is an awesome marketing tool that allows mobile food vendors to reach customers and show off what their trucks have to offer. However, many food truck owners aren’t seeing the success on social media they’d like. Many of your prospective customers are on social media, and they expect food trucks to be there as well. So what’s the problem with your social media engagement?

5 Reasons People Aren’t Following Your Social Media Accounts And What To Do About It

Food trucks aren’t where customers want them to be

Different consumer groups are looking for food trucks on different platforms, with the majority expecting food trucks to be present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When creating accounts on those platforms, consider your customer demographic and what social media platform they use more often.

Audiences don’t know you exist

It’s not enough to simply have social media accounts. Vendors need to update them regularly, post new content and interact with their followers.

You don’t need to be on every social media platform out there. In fact, it’s better to be present on just a few (we recommend Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and use them properly than being everywhere and providing poor updates and content.

There’s no reason for customers to follow

What reason do customers have to follow a food truck on social media? Do they post upcoming parking locations? Can they find out about upcoming food truck events? Can they get questions answered? Use social media to make followers feel personally involved with your food truck brand.

Consider what audiences are looking for in social media and give them a reason to connect with your food truck.

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Content is the same across platforms

It’s pretty obvious when you copy and paste the same content to multiple social-media platforms. However, what works well for Facebook may not translate over to Twitter, and customers can usually tell when everything is the same.

It’s fine when the content overlaps, as long as it stays consistent with your brand. Just make sure that certain type of content are shared on the social media platform they are designed for.

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Your social media engagement is robotic

If the only thing you post are automated parking locations, it can be off-putting to your fans and followers with your lack of social media engagement. Your food truck needs to have a voice that comes across as real and relate-able. The best part of social media is the ability to have fun with it and connect with your customers.

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The Bottom Line 

Follow these tips to get your social media engagement from spin their wheels. Engagement is what social media is all about.

How do you increase the social media engagement with your food truck customers? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook