Writing a food truck review can be a fun and challenging way to express your love of quality cuisine. To write a food truck review, you must have a keen eye for detail, sound knowledge of food and an understanding of mobile food aesthetics.

How To Write A Food Truck Review

In today’s tip of the day we provide you with a list of useful tips to help you put together an interesting food truck review.

  • Choose the food truck or cart you want to review. Track them via their website or on one of the many food truck tracking applications.
  • Dine at the mobile bistro. Make mental notes on the menu, cleanliness, atmosphere, other patrons, staff, location, cuisine, presentation and creativity.
  • Take your time looking over the menu. Remember the names and descriptions of items on the menu.
  • Compose the review as soon as possible after dining. Use detail when describing the food and atmosphere of the food truck.
  • Write about your experience at the food truck as a whole and not just about the food or the dish you have ordered and enjoyed/disliked. Remember, you are writing a food truck review, and not a menu item review.

Describe the food truck in your introduction. Next, discuss the staff and typical patrons who might enjoy this mobile food vendor. Then describe the food, taste, plating and presentation. Conclude with your recommendation.

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Key Elements Of A Food Truck Review

  • Atmosphere: Describing the atmosphere is the first element that should be included in your review. Simply describe the truck and the area it is operating. Remember, keep it short and simple.
  • The Menu: Describe what is available on the menu. If you have a favorite item, by all means give your opinion. Essentially, keep it down to the types of food on the menu, so don’t re-write the entire thing. Your reader is also interested in prices. Give them a price range for entrees, appetizers, etc., just don’t re-write the menu!
  • The Service: Service probably makes up fifty-percent of our opinion on a mobile food establishment. Be honest, be fair. Define in your mind what is excellent service and just good service. Your opinion regarding service is very important to your reader. Try not to make assumptions before you step into the line. Assume that your service will be adequate. If it’s better than that, good! If it’s just adequate, your experience is not necessarily a bad one.

Try several courses to get a good understanding of the food. Do not tell anyone at the truck or cart that you are reviewing it. Do not rant or write lengthy description of your experiences, but definitely put your opinions into your reviews. It is what your audience is reading for. Keep your statements accurate, honest and brief. Don’t just look for what’s wrong with a truck. Your reader wants to know what is unique and what to expect.

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The Bottom Line

We hope this helps those of you who have yet to write a food truck review. If you are interested in writing for Mobile Cuisine, we’d love to see an example of your work. Samples can be sent to admin[at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com. We only accept original content, but are always interested in speaking with fellow lovers of the mobile food industry.

If you think we missed any food truck review tips, please feel free to let us know in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook.