Sundays are usually for lazy, do-nothing days for people to mentally prepare for Monday. This is one reason it can be so challenging get out of bed when Sunday rolls around. But then, you hear someone say “bottomless mimosas” and it’s enough to get you up and ready. Don’t forget all the omelets, bacon and waffles you get to enjoy during your Sunday brunch. 

When it’s brunch time, it’s hard not to post about it on Instagram. However, no matter how good of a picture you take, you still need a clever caption to describe the event. So, here are hundreds of fantastic brunch captions and quotes that will make your Instagram post get more likes and comments from folks who wish they were there with you.

Brunch Captions

Dig into this list of brunch captions below.

  • There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.
  • Brunch: one meal to rule them all.
  • Weekends are for brunch and dog cuddles.
  • We accept the brunch we think we deserve.
  • Weekend brunch vibes.
  • If you also love brunch, then we already vibin’.
  • Let there be brunch.
  • Brunch is always a good idea.
  • A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
  • Brunchin is a habit.
  • I discovered a meal between breakfast and lunch.
  • On Sunday, We Brunch.
  • Wake me for brunch,
  • Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast.
  • I just don’t want to look back and think, ‘I could have eaten that!
  • Sometimes, I put orange juice in my champagne.
  • You can’t brunch with us.
  • Love you a brunch.
  • Hakuna mimosa: It means it’s brunch time.
  • Work hard, brunch harder.

Brunch Quotes

Pancakes, blackberries, orange juice, and coffee.

Here are a few fantastic brunch quotes that will add inspiration to your post.

  • “Brunch so hard mimosas wanna find me.” – Unknown
  • “A Sunday brunch well-spent brings a week of content.” – Unknown
  • Brunch!’ scream chalkboards propped up outside every restaurant and cafe, in every city in the Western world, every weekend morning.” – Rico Gagliano
  • “There is no other meal but brunch that can be stretched from 9 am until 5 pm, depending on who you are, your stage in life, and what your mood dictates.” – Lonely Planet Food

“Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting. It is task-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” – Peter Joseph

  • “Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.” – Unknown
  • “Brunch is an opportunity to be a little naughty – or a lot extravagant – at the table.” – Kit Wohl
  • “Breakfast is a meal but brunch is a culture.” – Matt Basile
  • “Brunch is something people get behind and believe in. It’s habitual, it’s comforting, and it has the power to let you indulge, allowing you to be you in the most liberating kind of way.” – Matt Basile

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  • “Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day.” – Unknown
  • “More than any other time of the day, we look to breakfast and brunch to revive and refresh ourselves.” – Irma S. Rombauer

“A special meal, often leisurely, occasionally decadent. A meal that’s even celebrated by its own cocktails, such as the Bloody Mary or the Mimosa.” – Kit Wohl

  • “Brunch is not a meal. Brunch is a competition. And I’m winning.” – Matt Bellasai
  • “I love brunch because it’s breakfast and lunch why not.” – Lorena Garcia
  • “Brunch is boring, but that’s part of the charm of it.” – Nicolas Berggruen
  • “Brunch should feel like a treat, never an effort of rigid commitment.” – Lonely Planet Food
  • “Brunch is an opportunity to be a little naughty – or a lot extravagant – at the table.” – Kit Wohl
  • “Brunch lends itself to feeling casual and laid-back, though it can still definitely be a celebration.” – Gale Gand
  • “Brunch, singing siren songs of bacon, alcohol, and attractive-yet-aloof waitstaff.” – Rico Gagliano
  • “If eating and hosting brunch are about having a good time, making brunch should be a lot of fun, too.” – Gale Gand

Birthday Brunch Captions

The ultimate brunch sandwich.

Scroll down now to see some amazing brunch captions that you can use when you celebrate your birthday.

  • Birthday isn’t complete without brunch.
  • It’s my birthday! Let’s go get brunch.
  • A birthday brunch is all I need.
  • Regular brunch? Great. Birthday brunch? Amazing.
  • My birthday’s here! Time to celebrate with brunch.
  • We celebrate birthdays through brunch.

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  • Brunch is the only gift I need.
  • Here’s to more birthdays and brunches.
  • A birthday won’t be amazing without brunch.
  • To be completely honest, brunch is what I want for my birthday.
  • Nothing screams birthdays than breakfast food.
  • The perfect way to celebrate a birthday is between breakfast and lunch.
  • It’s my birthday! So, I can drink. Also, it’s brunch.
  • Let’s go get some brunch. Why? It’s my birthday.
  • Just a simple brunch on my birthday is all I need.
  • Birthday brunch sounds amazing.
  • Family, friends, and brunch are all I need on my birthday.
  • This blessed day calls for a ceremonial brunch.
  • I know it’s early, but I already can’t wait for next year’s birthday brunch.
  • Give me birthdays and brunches throughout the rest of my life.

Brunch Captions with Friends

Brunch is better with friends.

Brunch is better with friends. So, here are a few of the best captions that you can use for brunch with friends.

  • What did you do this weekend? Oh, just brunch with my awesome friend, (friend’s name).
  • The secret to staying young is having old friends and a lot of champagne.
  • Life is too short to drink bad coffee. So, go have brunch with friends.
  • The weekend is the best time to brunch with friends!
  • Let’s raise our glasses to all weekends – here’s to more good times ahead!
  • Blessed are those who have found their people, for they shall never be alone. Celebrate your friends through brunch.
  • Who said girls can’t brunch?
  • Good times with good people at the most important meal of the day.
  • Come over for brunch because this is what friends are meant to do!
  • This isn’t just another brunch; this is a celebration of our friendship!
  • Only the best people are invited to my brunches!
  • I don’t always crave breakfast foods, but when I do it’s for brunch.
  • When your friends all meet up at brunch, it’s like one big party!
  • Come over for brunch, because you know I need the company.
  • If you’re looking for a good time then look no further because all your friends are here at brunch!
  • The perfect morning includes brunch,mimosas and friends!
  • Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, because it’s only once a week!
  • Life is better with friends at your side, especially when there’s brunch involved.
  • Let’s make the most of Sunday and have some delicious breakfast!
  • I’ve got a list of things to do today: sleep, brunch with friends and then more brunch.

Sunday Brunch Captions

Brunch made at home.

Brunches are best on Sundays. If you’re planning to post your Sunday brunch, we’ve compiled a list of the best captions to use for your Instagram post.

  • I don’t need to go to church today, I’ve found my place of worship… This brunch spot!
  • Sundays should be spent with champagne and eggs. Period.
  • I’m so tired… All this recovery deserves some champagne though. Cheers everyone!
  • The best cure for my Saturday night regrets? Bottomless mimosas and cheesy eggs!
  • After last night, this Sunday needs all the breakfast food and drinks.
  • Sunday brunch with my girls is always a good idea, but I need some more coffee in me before we go out.
  • Saturday was rough but who needs sleep when there are mimosas to be drunk? Let’s brunch.
  • What happens on Sundays, stays on Instagram… sometimes.
  • This Sunday Funday just got even better because it’s at a restaurant called ‘Brunch’.
  • The only thing I’m thankful for today is this amazing brunch.
  • This brunch with you as necessary to my survival right now
  • Sundays are for brunch, mimosas and selfies.
  • This is the only time getting up early on a Sunday makes sense.
  • Blessed to have a Sunday off but even more blessed that it’s for this perfect brunch situation!
  • I live for blueberry pancakes on a Sunday morning.
  • Sundays call for champagne brunches to celebrate the end of the weekend!
  • My Sundays are for mimosas & good company. What’s your Sunday routine?
  • When did Sunday become my favorite day? It must be because of all the brunches I get to go to on Sundays.
  • I’m hungover, exhausted and craving brunch. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • Brunch is the best way to start Sunday off right – am I right?

Saturday Brunch Captions

Why wait for Sunday to brunch?

Who says you can’t have brunch on a Saturday? With that said, here are some fantastic brunch captions to kick off your weekend.

  • Who says brunches are reserved for Sundays?
  • Saturday brunch is where the party’s at.
  • The best way to kick off the weekend is a good brunch with some friends.
  • Before we party tonight, let’s have brunch!
  • A Saturday brunch is all I need.
  • Saturdays are reserved for brunch.
  • Don’t let Saturdays go to waste: start them right with a Saturday brunch.
  • Saturdays are made for brunches with friends.
  • Saturdays aren’t complete without brunch.
  • If Saturdays were made for anything, it’s to do brunch with friends!
  • The best way to start the weekend…with brunch!
  • When Saturday calls for #brunch with friends.
  • Saturdays don’t count unless they involve mimosas, champagne and/or brunches.
  • Keeping up my brunches without mimosas is just not sustainable!
  • It’s Saturday! You know what that means! Brunch!
  • Best way to cure your Friday night hangover? An amazing Saturday brunch.
  • My Saturday won’t be complete without brunch with friends.
  • Let’s start this Saturday right.
  • Weekend vibes over brunch.
  • The best way to start my weekend break is Saturday brunch with friends.

Bottomless Brunch Captions

Scroll down now to find the perfect bottomless brunch captions to use for Instagram.

  • The best day of the week is this one right now! It’s called “bottomless brunch.”
  • There’s no end in sight to this brunch.
  • I’m just here to drink my Sunday away… #BottomlessMimosaLife
  • Waking up on Sunday morning and having some bottomless mimosas will never not be amazing.
  • There is no point in life if there isn’t a bottomless drink emoji next to it.
  • I’m not even hungover… I swear! It’s all the brunch drinks though. #BrunchLifeGoals
  • When life gives you lemons, make bottomless mimosas.
  • All you need is love and brunch drinks.
  • I’m going to brunch so hard today! See ya later, sleep… It’s time for a drink or five.
  • I think I’ll just stay in bed with my bottomless mimosas and pretend that this hangover doesn’t exist.
  • If you love me, let me sleep. If you hate me, invite me out for drinks and make sure they’re bottomless!
  • I can’t even begin to explain how good this bottomless mimosa is right now…
  • I might be dying, but at least I got to brunch.
  • Brunching hard means never having to say you’re sorry for anything you did the night before.
  • Sometimes I wonder if life is worth it… but then I remember bottomless mimosas exist!
  • Happiness comes in three parts: friends, family, & bottomless drinks.
  • I don’t remember how or when the day started but all that matters now are these bottomless drinks!
  • Brunch is just a fancy word for hangover cure.
  • Today, I’m celebrating my love for bottomless mimosas and brunch food.
  • There’s no better feeling than bottomless mimosas on a Sunday morning!
  • The best cure for my Saturday night regrets? Bottomless mimosas and cheesy eggs!

Brunch Hashtags for Instagram

Eggs and veggies.

If you really want to put your posts out there, hashtags are your best friend. And, here are the best brunch-related hashtags that you can use.

  • #brunch
  • #breakfast
  • #foodie
  • #food
  • #foodporn
  • #lunch
  • #instafood
  • #coffee
  • #foodphotography
  •  #foodstagram
  • #yummy
  • #dinner
  • #delicious
  • #cafe
  • #brunchtime
  • #foodblogger
  • #healthyfood
  • #foodlover
  • #eggs
  • #homemade
  • #sundaybrunch

Brunch Puns

A stack of pancakes with syrup.

If you’re planning to make your followers laugh, we’ve compiled a list of the best brunch puns to use.

  • You butter believe it.
  • Don’t be melondramatic.
  • Cause I’m a crepe, I’m a weirdough, what the hell am I doughing here? I donut belong here.
  • I have fillings for you.
  • I think olive you.
  • We’re kind of a big dill.
  • I wanna hold your ham.
  • You had me at mimosas.
  • Eggscuse me?
  • You’re my one and Negronly.
  • Don’t go bacon my heart.
  • Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey.
  • I’m all shuk up.
  • These vegetables are unbeetable!
  • Her ideal date: Beach and Brunch. My ideal date: MM/DD/YYYY
  • I brought over the wrong pastries to my relatives’ house for Christmas brunch. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of cross-aunts.
  • What did Simba (The Lion King) order for brunch? A tuna frittata.
  • My Dad’s latest Christmas brunch joke: How do you catch a polar bear? You cut a hole in the ice and sprinkle some P’s around. When the polar bear comes up to take a P, you kick him in the hole.
  • Today is a bad day to go get brunch. Everyone and their mother is out today.
  • What kind of coffee does a matador like? Cafe ole.

Funny Brunch Quotes

Chicken and waffles.

Our team compiled a few hilarious brunch quotes that you can use for your post.

  • This coffee martini beans so much to me.
  • A day without brunch is like a day without sunshine… wait no that’s not right.. oh well you get my drift.
  • I was thrown into this world without a manual, but one thing is for sure… I need breakfast and coffee ASAP!
  • Nothing says I’m classy like bottomless mimosas at 11am.
  • The only thing I love more than brunch is not being hungover for it. -I’m a simple girl, all I need in life is coffee and booze… preferably at the same time.
  • If you’re not drinking mimosas for breakfast what even is wrong with you?
  • I’d rather be at brunch than anywhere else in the world right now!
  • Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day.
  • Move over, coffee. Today is a job for champagne.
  • Sunday brunch is probably considered my happy place.
  • A Sunday Funday minus bottomless drinks is like a day without sunshine… sorta sad actually.
  • Saturdays are made for brunch and mimosas, so cheers to that!
  • I’m just here for the side of bacon.
  • When in doubt, pancakes are always the answer!
  • I’m not saying I hate people, but I’d rather be at brunch. There’s nothing better than bottomless mimosas to make your Sunday morning grand!
  • If you aren’t drinking mimosas at brunch, then what are we even doing here?
  • My favorite drink in the morning: coffee without the guilt of having alcohol later on!
  • I’m so over people, but I’ll never be over brunch!
  • There’s no such thing as too much brunch!
  • I’m so hungover it’s not even funny. Or is that kind of funny? Maybe both?!

Bagel Captions

The bagel sandwich.

Bagels are a popular brunch item. Before posting that photo of your bagel, choose a fitting caption from our list below.

  • It’s fri-nally bagel Friday.
  • I haven’t been this excited about bagel Friday since last bagel Friday.
  • In a world full of plain bagels, be everything.
  • Life without you is like a bagel without cream cheese.
  • I know good things are going to happen when I have a bagel first thing in the morning.
  • You’re my first, my last, and my everything bagel.
  • I don’t need an inspirational quote. I need a bagel.
  • Oh bagel, you truly do have everything I need.
  • My bagel may be plain, but my personality isn’t.
  • You know what they say: The early bird gets the first pick of bagel on bagel Friday, or something like that.
  • You are the cream cheese to my bagel.
  • A bagel on Friday keeps the grumpy away.
  • Nothing spreads more joy than a bagel on Friday.
  • Going into the weekend as smooth as the cream cheese on my bagel.
  • If there aren’t bagels, did Friday even happen?
  • You are my everything bagel.
  • I’m only here because I was told there would be bagels.
  • The only circle of trust I have is my bagel.
  • Happiness is fresh bagels and cream cheese.
  • I loaf you so much, bagel Fridays.

Mimosa Captions

Mimosa with orange slice.

Much like bagels, mimosas are also a popular brunch item. If you’ve got a photo of a mimosa that’s ready for posting, take a look at our list below and choose the best one.

  • What’s a bottle of champagne between mom and daughter? Empty.
  • They invented brunch so we could have wine for breakfast.
  • No champagne, no gain.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite mimosa lover.
  • Let’s just call these mom-osas today.
  • Let there be brunch.
  • On a juice cleanse (mimosas).
  • Soup of the day: champagne.
  • There’s too much champagne in my mimosa!’ said no one ever.
  • Mimosas, because sometimes coffee doesn’t cut it.
  • I’ll have my champagne with a side of glitter, please.
  • But first, bubbly.
  • Sip happens.
  • Brunch, because mimosas.
  • My mom taught me right when she taught me about mimosas.
  • Brunch so hard mimosa wanna find me.
  • Start your day sparkling.
  • More bubbly, less OJ.
  • Mom’s Day calls for mimosas.
  • If by juice cleanse you mean more mimosas then OK, I’m down.

The brunch is a fantastic time to reconnect with friends and family members. In fact, a recent survey found that 40% of Americans viewed brunch as a time to socialize with family and friends that they don’t have time to connect with during the work week. Who will you be reconnecting with this Sunday?