Instagram is a photo sharing social media site that maintains more than 400 million active users that take pictures and add captions. Food trucks have embraced Instagram as a visual marketing tool to share great photos of the mouthwatering meals they serve. If you want to get a little more creative with your use of Instagram use these tips.

6 Ways Food Trucks Can Share Great Photos On Instagram

Use Hashtags

One of the keys to building an audience on Instagram is to add hashtags to your posts. That way when someone is searching for a #foodtruck or #foodcart or #streetfood, you will show up in their search results.

Let Photos Advertise for You

While an Instagram post needs to be visual, it doesn’t have to be a staged photograph. With the use of photo editing software (Photoshop) you can merge pictures of your food, your food truck logo, promote an upcoming food truck event and even offer customer discounts, all in one Instagram post.

Look for Photo Opportunities

To run a successful Instagram account you have to keep an eye out for photo opportunities throughout your day. A couple sitting outside of your food truck during their wedding reception may be eye candy for an Instagram user who is looking for ideas for their wedding. And you never know when someone curious about what a lobster roll look like will land on your page.

Show Photos from Behind the Scenes

Food truck owners can use Instagram to showcase what happens outside of the view of the public. These types of posts show your followers what you do even when you aren’t parked near them. It also lets the public provide feedback in the form of likes and comments.

Use Pictures of Just About Anything

You don’t have to only share great photos of the food you serve. Instagram users are engaged by awesome photos of just about anything. You can post a picture of a fantastic sunrise and still mention where your truck will be located today.

Get Personal

Instagram is a great platform for introducing your food truck to a potential customer. It’s an opportunity to see who will be serving them when they show up to the truck. By adding personal details to the photo about you or your staff this type of post can become an online interview.

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The Bottom Line

Instagram is a powerful way to share great photos of your food truck. With a little creativity, vendors can generate posts that engage current customers and attract potential new customers. Four hundred million users equals 400 million reasons for food truck owners to embrace Instagram.

Even though we haven’t been the most active on this social media platform, we plan to start. You can follow us on Instagram @mobilecuisine