Who Unfollowed Me

Developer: C. Robinson
Cost: Free for lite use, $4.99 per year for upgraded Pro use
Website: https://who.unfollowed.me

The Who Unfollowed Me website is a must use for any Twitter user who is interested in finding out who recently unfollowed them. Are you a food truck owner who recently had a drop in your follower count? Who Unfollowed Me is the perfect site to check out to follow up with these individuals, or to even unfollow them back (payback can be a real *^%&$).

This non-affiliated Twitter application is simple in the theory behind it, however Who Unfollowed Me is brilliant in its execution. Web developer Collin Robinson, built the perfect tool for all of us Twitter-holics who love to know, who unfollowed us! The process for finding out could not be simpler.

  • Visit the site and click on the button at the top to authorize the site to track your Twitter account.

Note: Heed the warning under the input bar, that if your tweets are private, you must approve the system to follow you or else you cannot be tracked!

Once you have done this, the application does the rest. It will create a benchmark for your account based on your current statistics. No registration is required, and you can use the site every 15 minutes if you choose to. The upgraded “pro” package will cost you only $4.99 a year but will provide additional features such as automatically checking unfollowers, unfollow those not following back and a 45 day unfollower history.

It can’t get any more simple than that. Click and check who has recently unfollowed your Twitter account. In addition you can find out who you may be following, but not following you, or vice versa (who is following you but not getting a return follow by your account).