I went to an A&W Restaurant location for the first time when I was 12 years old. I ordered a root beer float and it was a game changer. If you’ve never tried it before, the A&W root beer on tap is so much better than out of a can. This is likely due to a combination of the freshness and carbonation from root beer that comes on tap. Of course there are plenty of other food options to choose from as well like burgers, baskets, French fries, and hot dogs.

Here are the menu prices at A&W Root Beer locations in 2024. I even share how to get the best deals at A&W, including a free small float right away.

A&W Menu and Prices


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Papa Burger ComboSingle$10.87
Papa Burger ComboDouble$12.07
Papa BurgerSingle$5.49
Papa BurgerDouble$6.69
Original Bacon Cheeseburger ComboSingle$11.57
Original Bacon Cheeseburger ComboDouble$13.57
Original Bacon CheeseburgerSingle$6.19
Original Bacon CheeseburgerDouble$8.19
Beyond Burger Combo$12.37
Beyond Burger$6.99
Mushroom Onion Melt ComboSingle$11.37
Mushroom Onion Melt ComboDouble$12.57
Mushroom Onion MeltSingle$5.99
Mushroom Onion MeltDouble$7.19
Cheeseburger ComboSingle$9.87
Cheeseburger ComboDouble$10.87
Hamburger ComboSingle$9.37
Hamburger ComboDouble$10.37

Chicken and Seafood

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Tenders Combo3 Pcs$13.07
Chicken Tenders Combo5 Pcs$16.99
Chicken Tenders1 Pc$2.59
Chicken Tenders3 Pcs$7.69
Chicken Tenders5 Pcs$11.61
Chicken Tender Sandwich Combo$11.97
Chicken Tender Sandwich$6.59
Pub-Battered Cod Basket$10.99
Pub Battered Cod Sandwich$6.99
Pub Battered Cod Sandwich Combo$12.17
1 PC Pub Battered Cod (a la carte)$3.49
Two Chicken Sliders Combo$11.97

Hot Dogs

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Coney Cheese Dog$3.99
Coney Cheese Dog Combo$9.37
Coney Dog$3.49
Coney Dog Combo$8.87
Corn Dog Nuggets5 Pcs$2.99
Corn Dog Nuggets10 Pcs$5.29
Corn Dog Nuggets (10) Combo$10.67
Hot Dog$3.29
Hot Dog Combo$8.67

Kids Meal

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
2 Piece Chicken Tenders$7.49
Kid's Hamburger$6.29
Kid's Cheeseburger$6.79
Kid's Hot Dog$6.29
Grilled Cheese$6.29


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Onion Rings$4.29
Chili Cheese Fries$4.29
Cheese CurdsRegular$5.19
Cheese CurdsLarge$9.19

A&W Floats & Beverages

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Root Beer Cream FreezeSmall$4.04
Root Beer Cream FreezeRegular$4.24
Root Beer Cream FreezeLarge$5.24
Fountain DrinksSmall$2.29
Fountain DrinksRegular$2.49
Fountain DrinksLarge$2.89

Sweets & Treats

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Polar SwirlMini$3.49
Polar SwirlRegular$3.99
Root Beer Cream FreezeSmall$4.04
Root Beer Cream FreezeRegular$4.24
Root Beer Cream FreezeLarge$5.24
Cone Ice Cream$1.99
Cup Ice Cream6 oz$2.99
Cup Ice Cream12 oz$3.49
Cup Ice Cream16 oz$3.99
Cup Ice Cream20 oz$4.49
Cup Ice Cream32 oz$4.99

FAQs about the A&W Restaurant Menu

Are there any discontinued menu items at A&W Restaurants? 

Yes, there are a few discontinued menu items at A&W Restaurants. Some of the most popular discontinued items include:

  • The Whistler: The Whistler hot dog is a Canadian menu item from A&W. It is a hot dog that has been sliced down the middle and then grilled. It is served on a toasted bun with relish, bacon, and cheese. The name “whistler” comes from the fact that the hot dog resembles a whistle when it is sliced down the middle. The menu item was removed in 2017, but was brought back my popular demand in 2022.
  • The Bacon Cheese Curls: These were a popular side item that were made with crispy potato curls and topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. They were discontinued in 2016.
  • The A&W Root Beer Float Sundae: This was a delicious dessert that was made with root beer ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry. This item was discontinued in 2017.
  • The A&W Root Beer Float Shake: This was a refreshing shake that was made with root beer ice cream and root beer. This item was discontinued in 2018.

While these items are no longer on the menu there are still plenty of other delicious options to choose from at A&W Restaurants.

Free Root Beer Float and Other Deals

If you want a free small root beer float at A&W Restaurants, all you need to do is text the word FLOAT to 57501. You’ll be texted a coupon for a free small root beer float that can be redeemed during your next visit.

Of course, this will also put you on the A&W Restaurant text message marketing list where you’ll also receive coupons, special offers, and other updates. Standard text message rates apply and you can read all the other disclaimers here.

root beer mugs

Join The Mug Club.

But that’s not the only way to get a free get a free root beer float from A&W. When you join the A&W Mug Club, you’ll get a free root beer float on your birthday too.

Of course you can also look for limited-time coupons to save even more money. A&W often offers coupons for discounts on meal deals. You can find these coupons in newspapers, magazines, and direct mail pieces.

Does A&W have Restaurants inside Convenience Stores?

A&W Restaurant

Standalone A&W Restaurant Design.

Yes, A&W is opening in more convenience stores across the United States. In October 2021, A&W opened a new location in a Circle K convenience store in New Jersey. This is just one of several recent A&W openings in convenience stores and gas stations.

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There are a few reasons A&W is adding more restaurant locations in these stores. First, convenience stores are typically located in high-traffic areas, making them easy for customers to access. Second, these units are typically less expensive to operate than traditional restaurants. This is due to a number of factors, such as smaller footprints and lower overhead to build out the locations. Finally, many customers who would not otherwise visit an A&W restaurant may be more likely to stop at a convenience store and give the restaurant a try.

Are there co-branded KFC and A&W Restaurants? 

root beer float

Root beer float.

There are more than 300 co-branded KFC and A&W Restaurant locations according to QSR. I mean fried chicken and a classic root beer float from the same establishment? Sign me up.

Top management from these restaurants say “we think that this program could facilitate growth for both brands.” This is because co-branding can increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and boost sales for fast-food restaurants.

Who is the A&W Mascot?

Rooty texting for his free float.

Rooty the Great Root Bear is the mascot and spokes bear of A&W Restaurants. He is a tall bear who wears an orange sweater with the A&W logo in the center and an orange and white hat. Rooty was created in 1963 and has been featured in commercials, print ads, and on merchandise ever since.

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The backstory of Rooty the Great Root Bear is that he’s the guardian of the root beer forest. Rooty is a kind and gentle bear who loves to have fun. Rooty is also a very good friend to children and makes sure they have a good time at A&W Restaurants around the world. In a January 2023 Tweet, the official A&W Restaurant Twitter account announced Rooty the Bear would begin wearing denim pants. Since Rooty is a bear, he did not wear pants previously.

Does A&W have a secret menu?

There is no secret menu at A&W Restaurants. There are some online reports stating that A&W has a long list of secret menu items, but those are not accurate or ask you to make copy cat recipes.

One off-menu hack I’ve discovered for US-based residents though is an adapted version of Poutine. You can ask for cheese curds placed on an order of French fries. Unfortunately, the only gravy you might be able to order is the chili sauce. It won’t taste exactly the same as traditional Poutine, but I bet it will be pretty darn delicious anyway.

Can you order Poutine at A&W Restaurants?

Yes, you can order poutine at restaurants in Canada. If you live in the United States, you’re out of luck. Poutine is a Canadian dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. It’s common for restaurants in Canada to include gravy as a dip for fries. Another dip option at A&W locations in Canada is vinegar and salt.

Which A&W Burger has Bacon? 

  • Bacon Cheeseburger: This burger is made with a 100% beef patty, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles.
  • Double Bacon Cheeseburger: This burger is made with two 100% beef patties, bacon, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles.
  • Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger: This burger is made with a 100% beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and A&W’s special sauce.

How many A&W Locations are left?

The A&W Restaurant chain is alive and well. There are nearly 1,000 locations globally with more units being added each year. You can find nearly 600 locations in the United States.

Still there are many diners who believe A&W Restaurants are no longer in business. There are a couple reasons why people may think this fast-food pioneer is no longer around.

  • The number of A&W restaurants has declined in recent years. In 1995, there were over 3,000 A&W restaurants in the United States.
  • A&W has been overshadowed by other fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. These chains have national advertising budgets and more locations, keeping them top-of-mind with consumers.

What does A&W Stand For? 

Allen & Wright

A&W stands for Allen & Wright.

A&W stands for the initials of the founders of the company, Roy Allen and Frank Wright. The company was founded in 1919 in Lodi, California. A&W is known for its root beer, burgers, and other American fare.