If you haven’t created a food truck Instagram account yet, pause your reading and get over there to get that step out of the way and come back to finish this article.

All you will need is a username that ties into your food truck brand (hopefully it matches your Facebook and Twitter user names). You’ll also need a few photos to get started. One of the things food truck vendors need to understand is that more and more consumers are paying attention to social media while they are outside their homes and offices, so nothing will grab their attention and draw them to your service window than some perfectly timed photos of your business and the food you offer.

You may be wondering how to market to your customers solely through images, but don’t worry, this article has that covered.

4 Steps To Properly Using Your Food Truck Instagram Account

You need to look at your food truck Instagram account as a means to provide your customers with exclusive access to special deals and an insider’s view of your mobile food business. Just as your other social media accounts, your food truck Instagram account should be engaging while at the same time should be operated in moderation .

Provide Exclusivity

Today’s social media society thrives on exclusivity. Not only do customers want what everyone else has, but they want it before everyone else.

Followers yearn for VIP treatment and first class service, in whatever form we can get it. Those on Instagram are no different. One of the best ways to provide exclusivity to your Instagram followers is posting a special code in the form of a photo and letting your followers share it at your service window to get a discount.

Giving them, and only them (don’t post it on any other social media platforms), this special attention is what will keep them coming back. Just make sure that posting these types of deals doesn’t become an everyday occurrence. Not only is it showing appreciation to your food truck Instagram account followers, but the lines at your food truck should also see a spike in traffic.

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Give An Insider View

Instagram hasn’t always been about marketing and advertising for brands. In fact, most people view Instagram as a private place to share photos of themselves, their friends, and family. So make sure your food truck Instagram account isn’t strictly setup to sell.

Most people following your truck are going to want an insider’s view on what’s really going on behind the scenes. Show your followers what it looks like in your commissary. An even better idea is to show behind the scenes of the inside of your truck and introduce them to your staff.

Engage With Followers

Now that you understand what your customers want to know about your food truck business, let’s talk about the engagement of your food truck Instagram account.

You should follow your followers back (we suggest the same on Twitter). For that matter, don’t just follow them, but share the love and like their posts every once and a while.

As you should already understand, appreciation of customers (and potential customers) is very important. Following your customers back will also give you a better understanding of who they are. This will help you understand what types of posts capture their interest.

Post In Moderation

Everything in moderation is a phrase you need to apply to your food truck Instagram account. While you can get away with almost hourly updates on social media channels like Twitter; Instagram is a different animal.

Instagram posts are much more in the face of your followers. Posting too often is a the fasted way to get bounced off someone’s follower list.

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The Bottom Line

So, have you already created a food truck Instagram account to promote your food truck business? We’d love to hear how.

Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook