Twitter has fast become a platform for members of the mobile food industry to share information, promote their brands, and inform their followers of their locations. But with 200 million tweets being sent out into the Twittersphere daily, it’s imperative that you strictly follow Twitter etiquette to avoid a faux pas that can alienate your customers.

Twitter Etiquette For Your Food Truck Account

Here are some simple Twitter etiquette tips to keep you and your food truck popular on Twitter:

Mind your manners

If someone mentions your truck or retweets your post, thank them. People like to be recognized for their efforts. Plus, it’s a great way to begin a Twitter relationship. This small gesture may open the lines of communication between you and a potential customer or business partner. Even better, return the favor and retweet one of their posts.

Resist the urge to Tweet too much

Research has shown that there is a fine line between just enough sharing and too much. Don’t clog your followers’ feeds with spam-like tweets. Remember that the best way to engage your audience is to post useful, interesting, relevant and original content. Before you tweet, ask yourself: “If I was a follower, would I care about this?”

Watch what you tweet

There have been some famous and embarrassing blunders on social media that have gotten individuals and even entire companies in a lot of trouble. *cough*Weinergate*cough*. Don’t use your brand’s Twitter account to discuss controversial topics, send inappropriate photos, or use explicit language.

Don’t get too personal

Although developing relationships with your food truck customers is one the primary goals of Twitter, try to keep your tweets about relevant business information. Your followers don’t need to know your personal business. However, if you’re getting married or a favorite employee just had a baby, you may want to share the news for your followers to celebrate with you. Carefully consider what is appropriate to share.

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Write professionally

This is an important part of your Twitter etiquette. Your social media presence is an extension of your business persona. Proper grammar and spelling helps you maintain a professional image. (that is if a professional image is what you are striving for). Twitter does not offer an edit option, so make sure to double check your Tweet before you send it.

Be timely with communication

If you’ve started a conversation with someone on Twitter, respond to them in a timely manner. More importantly, if someone poses a question to you, answer them. Social media is great for giving you an opportunity to engage immediately and directly with your consumer base.

Address customer service issues privately

Almost any customer who tweets you with a complaint or concern wants to be heard, but not all want to engage in a public dialogue. Directly address consumers through direct message or via email.

Warn followers if you’re going to tweet a lot

So you want to live-tweet during a food truck event or even the next episode of Eat Street. That’s a great idea, but don’t take the risk of losing followers who feel assaulted by your barrage of tweets. A little advanced warning will be much appreciated, and your followers will likely give you a pass for the day.

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The Bottom Line

Twitter is one of the most effective marketing tools for food truck owners. Follow these Twitter etiquette rules, and you’re sure to have many happy tweets ahead of you.

Do you have any additional Twitter etiquette tips? Share them in the comment section below or you can Tweet them to us on Twitter.