Food Truck Marketing Strategies

Learn how to take your food truck to the next level by learning marketing strategies from old school marketing tactics to the new world of social media.


  • suggestive selling

5 Suggestive Selling Tips For Food Trucks

A common request from food truck owners to their staff is to raise the averages per customer order. The typical response from employees is to roll their eyes and head to their station to finish […]

  • email newsletter

Food Truck Email Newsletter Checklist

So you have collected email addresses from your customers and built your food truck email newsletter list. You’ve spoken with your customers to find out what they want from your email newsletter. So now all you […]

  • marketing errors

Marketing Errors Food Truck Vendors Need To Avoid

The following marketing errors are often considered legitimate quick fixes for food truck vendors. If your food truck business has slowed these marketing errors may pop up to look like a good solution. Don’t be […]

  • free marketing tools

8 Free Marketing Tools For Your Food Truck

Who doesn’t like free offers? Food truck vendors often offer free items from their truck, so why not use free marketing tools your food truck and food truck website website? Today we’ll share a number […]

  • comment cards

Use Comment Cards To Build Your Food Truck Business

One of the most overlooked but important marketing activities for food trucks are comment cards. Comment cards are also one of the easiest and most inexpensive and effective marketing activities. If you already have comment […]

  • writing op-eds

Writing Op-Eds To Rally Support Around Food Truck Issues

Ever get an itch to let people know what you think about the issue of food trucks? Ever thought about writing it down and sending it to your local newspaper? Food truck owners can and […]

  • business marketing

Build Your Message And Brand With Business Marketing

If you don’t already know, outside of selling great tasting food, business marketing is going to be a huge factor in the success of your food truck business. You can have a great menu and […]

  • marketing strategies

10 Simple Food Truck Marketing Strategies

The competition among food trucks is growing, and you’ll need to give your all to be successful. Today we’re helping you out with 10 food truck marketing strategies that will help you improve your mobile food […]

  • google adwords marketing

Google AdWords Marketing For Increased Food Truck Sales

So you’ve created a mobile friendly website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. You’ve seen the increased traffic that tracks down your food truck from your online marketing but you are ready to try […]

  • 4ps

The 4Ps Of Food Truck Marketing

Marketing is a food truck business function that identifies consumer needs, determines your target markets and applies menu items and services to serve these markets. It also involves promoting such food products and services within […]


  • food truck slogan

5 Tips For Crafting A Killer Food Truck Slogan

No matter the size of a business, brand recognition is a key to success. So what makes some brands recognizable? Simple, their logos and slogans. Look at McDonald’s. Not only do they have their Golden Arches […]

  • brand positioning

Developing Brand Positioning For Your Food Truck

In basic terms, brand positioning is the process of positioning your food truck’s brand in the mind of your customers.

Brand positioning is the idea of identifying and working to build a marketing niche for your […]

  • branding cycle

The Food Truck Branding Cycle  

A food truck’s branding cycle is a circular process that involves your product, positioning, promise, presentation, perseverance, and perception analysis.
Understanding The Food Truck Branding Cycle
Your product (your food) is the important first step in your […]

  • food truck branding

Does Your Food Truck Branding Have Curb Appeal

The complete unadulterated truth about food truck branding is that it’s all a facade. Food truck branding is usually completely made up, it’s a construct of the vendor. It’s the image designed for your food truck […]

  • demographics & psychographics

Demographics & Psychographics In Food Truck Branding

I always say that a food truck owner’s job is never done. There’s no way that it could ever be done, if you think about it. Outside of preparing your truck for the next shift, […]

  • Food Truck Branding Basics

Food Truck Branding Basics

Every food truck operation is a brand, whether it’s a single taco truck parked on the side of the highway or part of a huge national brand.

The brand is essential for your food truck to […]

  • Food Truck Wrap Ideas

Food Truck Wrap Ideas: Make It Readable

How big should the letters on your food truck be? That depends on where you plan to park your food truck. Will you be parking it in customer parking lots while you cater inside, will […]

  • food truck brand marketing

The Essence Of Food Truck Brand Marketing

Conventional wisdom says building a strong brand for a food truck requires creating a cool name for your mobile food business, getting the word out about your truck, and enforcing brand message consistency in all […]

  • brand audit

5 Questions To Ask To Conduct A Food Truck Brand Audit

Your food truck’s brand is the mental image that sticks in the minds of your customers as well as the consumers in the markets your food truck operates in. We’ve stressed this in numerous articles […]

  • food truck branding tips

10 Food Truck Branding Tips To Double Your Profits

It’s a sad fact in today’s mobile food industry that unless you are one of your cities major food truck icons or a truck that a customer has visited 5 or more times, most people […]

Social Media

  • Facebook See First

Facebook See First List: Get Your Customers To Add You

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t computer whiz kids and the consistent changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm has almost everyone puzzled at how to get those who like our Facebook business pages […]

  • food truck facebook page posts

Increase Visibility Of Your Food Truck Facebook Page Posts

Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your food truck Facebook Page posts? If so, you need to find new ways to get your food truck updates in your customer’s […]

  • food truck event sales

Boost Your Food Truck Event Sales Through Facebook

Like it or Unlike it, Facebook impacts the decisions of millions of event goers. In this article, we’ll cover some marketing techniques to boost your upcoming food truck event sales through Facebook.

There is no escaping it. […]

  • researching food trucks

Researching Food Trucks On Twitter

Finding out more about how other food trucks are using Twitter can help you formulate your own Twitter marketing plan when you are getting started. Many food trucks are achieving success on Twitter because they’re […]

  • social-media-marketing

Take Control Of Your Food Truck Social Media Marketing

As most experienced food truck owners can attest, Social Media Marketing is a must in their long list of daily tasks. Unfortunately, for new food truck owners, many are still struggling to fully understand the […]

  • facebook-offers

How To Attract Customers With Facebook Offers

Facebook’s implementation of the Facebook Offers feature for businesses pages has given food trucks the ability to offer deals on their food truck Facebook pages. At first the “Offers” function was limited to a few select […]

  • Facebook Page

Top 3 Reasons You Need A Food Truck Facebook Page

I know, I know, Facebook has taken the world by storm, and your food truck needs to have a Facebook page. We’ve stressed this point for years.

Unfortunately, we still find food trucks that aren’t using […]

  • hootsuite pro

Adding Hootsuite Pro To Your Social Media Toolbox

We understand that most food trucks run on limited budgets, we at Mobile Cuisine are in the same boat. So why did we recently upgrade to Hootsuite Pro when there’s a free version available? What was it that got us […]

  • twitter analytics

Using Twitter Analytics To Build Your Food Truck Success

Are you a food truck owner who uses the built in Twitter analytics tool? Are you looking for new ways to measure your food truck’s success on Twitter?

The Twitter analytics tool gives you access to data […]

  • Food Truck Email Inbox

Don’t Run From Your Food Truck Email Inbox

For many of food truck vendors, your inbox is a source of embarrassment: it’s large, disorganized, and full of unanswered email. Reaching inbox zero is like the Promised Land of your digital lifestyle. As the number of unread […]

Cause Marketing

  • giving tuesday logo

Giving Tuesday And The GiveNetwork

The Thanksgiving weekend is the official kick-off of the winter holidays and gift buying.  We’ve all overdosed on a combo of family, turkey, potatoes and desserts.  Before the dishes had even been cleared, the conversation […]

  • Grilled Cheese Truck Give Mobi

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Fighting Hunger & Getting Vets Work

We’ve all heard of THE Grilled Cheese Truck of Los Angeles.  It’s been everywhere in the media over the years.  It’s one of those success stories that America loves to hear – “Local guy makes […]

  • national senior citizens day

Join The Fight And Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

“For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute.  We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by making sure […]

  • get to know your customers

Get To Know Your Customers – Win a $500 Gas Card

It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day tomorrow.  This official day is occurs on the third Thursday at the beginning of every quarter.  Rather than “celebrating” an official day, we have a feeling that this is more […]

  • Shark Awareness Day

Food Trucks And Shark Awareness Day

July has a lot of fun “awareness” days.  In fact, today is “International Nude Day” and “Shark Awareness Day.”  International Nude Day may not necessarily apply to any food trucks unless you get a random […]

  • Cheer Up The Lonely

How Does Your Food Truck Cheer Up The Lonely?

Today is Cheer Up The Lonely Day!  You may wonder why we’d cover a “holiday” like this?  Well, that’s an easy response.  Mobile Cuisine, along with the GiveNetwork and GiveMobi, has been promoting Fighting Hunger […]

  • COH Disaster-response

Win A $500 Gas Card While Fighting Hunger In America

Even though you didn’t win the $500 gas card this time, we’re giving you another chance! Register your truck to Fight Hunger In America by August 30 and you will be entered for the drawing […]

  • BONMi GN Sign

BONMi Food Truck Wins $500 For Fighting Hunger

Congratulations to BONMi!  They have won the $500 gas card from the GiveNetwork/Mobile Cuisine food truck initiative – Fighting Hunger In America!

They are one of the many food trucks that have signed up to enable […]

  • Grilled Cheese Truck Campaign

Grilled Cheese Truck is Fighting Hunger In America

We’re super-excited!  The Grilled Cheese Truck has joined in Fighting Hunger In America! 

The Grilled Cheese Truck, consistently ranked the best food truck in LA, is now helping raise funds for Meals On Wheels Association of […]

  • Grilled Cheese Truck Give Mobi

Fighting Hunger In America – Learn More About Your Customers

As a small business owner, particularly a food truck owner, you always have to ask yourself “do I engage with my customers the best possible way?” or “who are they, really?”

In the past 10 years, […]