Learn How To Take Your Food Truck Business To The Next Level

So, you have already started running a food truck business, but how do you keep it running like a well oiled machine? These sections will provide an existing vendor up to date on all of the tactics needed to run and expand your ever growing food truck empire.


  • management style

Finding The Right Management Style For Your Food Truck

Your management style can have a lot to do with your success in running a food truck business. While people can debate all day long about which is the best management style to use in [...]

  • food cost saving

Food Cost Saving Tactics For Your Food Truck’s Bottom Line

If you are looking at opening a food truck, one of the first facts you need to understand is that the mobile food industry is one of tight margins. One of the most important, fundamental margins that [...]

  • rainy days

Rainy Days Can Be More Productive On Your Food Truck

If you are a food truck vendor, you probably already know that rainy days drive down your truck’s traffic and sales. With the Spring rainy season here, don’t be disappointed. The most successful food truck [...]

  • beating the competition

Beating The Competition In The Food Truck Industry

As the mobile food industry grows, food trucks are popping up every where. Competition is always fierce in business, but it can be especially brutal for a new food truck. So how can new vendors separate [...]

  • facing fear

7 Techniques For Facing Fear And Beating It

Every entrepreneur or food truck owner I have ever spoken with has had to come face to face with their fears. For that matter, I have had to face my fears as a small business [...]

  • food truck petition

How To Write A Food Truck Petition

Learning how to write a food truck petition is valuable for a food truck activist, even if you're not experience in gathering community support for your cause.  Petition writing for food trucks isn't time-consuming or [...]

  • Business Weaknesses

5 Common Food Truck Business Weaknesses To Avoid

Every food truck has its strengths. Those things that they consistently do well to get consumers talking, attract new customer and keep them coming back. Unfortunately, strengths can sometimes cover up business weaknesses so they [...]

  • repeat business

Top 5 Barriers To Building Repeat Business Customers

There are hundreds of examples of how customer choice and loyalty of repeat business customers have both built and destroyed food truck brands since the beginning of the gourmet food truck industry. Today’s food truck [...]

  • attract customers

5 Food Truck Strategies To Attract Customers

Food truck vendors can connect and attract customers to their service windows by implementing one or more of the five strategies we share today.

  • busy season

Preparing Your Food Truck For The Busy Season

Spring is knocking on the door and, if it's like years past, you and your food truck staff will be faced with crowds at your service window that seem never ending. The busy season can be [...]

Customer Service

  • online ratings and reviews

Learning How To Deal With Online Ratings And Reviews

Learning how to deal with online ratings and reviews has been a topic we’ve covered since our inception. With hungry consumers frequent use of review sites such as Yelp to determine their next food spot [...]

  • great service

How Great Service Leads To More Food Truck Sales

From time to time, food truck owners are asked some questions by their staff that are easily answered with, "Because I said so." Instead of treating your team like many of us were treated as [...]

  • customer service attitude

Maintaining A Customer Service Attitude In Your Food Truck

The server is in one of the most important positions in your food truck because servers must interact with the customer as well as the rest of your food truck employees. You can train your [...]

  • Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers: How To Gain Them In Four Easy Steps

There’s a simple fact that every successful food truck has learned over the years: It’s a lot easier to sell to one of your existing customers than it is to sell to a new one. [...]

  • customer service skills

12 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Master

As a food truck owner, there are customer service skills that every employee in your mobile food business must master if they deal with customers, and you must lead the way in insuring that these skills [...]

  • exceptional customer service

Providing Exceptional Customer Service In Two Simple Steps

If you provide anything less than exceptional customer service for your food truck customers, you’re wasting the time of, creating extra work for and frustrating your food truck staff, managers and yourself. The basic premise [...]

  • customer relationships

Building Customer Relationships For Your Food Truck

So you just opened up your food truck, now what? The typical next step is to determine how you will make your mobile food business a success. Unfortunately, having a great menu in a food truck [...]

  • do you need change

Never Ask: Do You Need Change?

As a food truck enthusiast and someone who covers the industry daily, I spend a lot of time in food truck lines and I have seen good service, I have seen absolutely spectacular service and I have [...]

  • bad food service

Putting An End To Bad Food Service From Your Truck

With winter weather providing many food truck owners with valuable free time they can use to train their service staff, we felt now would be a good time to write another article on this topic. [...]

  • food truck customer's heart

Winning Your Food Truck Customer’s Heart

Ultimately the quality of the food you serve will draw people to your service window; however customers are far more likely to return for purchases of your menu items if they feel valued by the [...]

Growth Strategies

  • make small changes

Don’t Blow It Up: Make Small Changes In Your Food Truck

When mobile food vendors don’t achieve their business goals, some have a tendency to declare that it’s time to change the culture. But sweeping, large-scale culture change efforts rarely cure what ails a food truck [...]

  • 5 stages of growth

5 Stages Of Growth For Food Truck Businesses

In 1983 Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L. Lewis wrote a paper for the Harvard Business Review that defined 5 stages of growth for small businesses "The Five Stages of Small Business Growth." Today we'll discuss these stages [...]

  • Business Is Growing Too Fast

5 Signs Your Food Truck Business Is Growing Too Fast

When you start your own food truck businesses, you immediately start thinking about growth. Maybe you just dream of opening a second truck, or you might envision opening brick and mortar locations across the country. Unfortunately, food [...]

  • growth mindset

Develop A Growth Mindset For Your Food Truck Business

You spend a lot of time and energy while in the kitchen or truck trying not to fail. However, most people describe their failures as an important part of learning and growing. A growth mindset is [...]

3 Risks To Avoid That Slow Down Food Truck Growth

After a great spring launch or start to your summer, your food truck is suddenly a local favorite food truck. You’ve experienced a huge rise in sales and catering requests as your customers reach out [...]

  • food truck growth

5 Tips For Rapid Food Truck Growth

Starting a food truck is one thing but accelerating food truck growth and expanding your food truck empire is an entirely different challenge. The best thing to do is focus on the following food truck [...]

  • food truck business growth

Food Truck Business Growth The Right Way

In the food truck industry it's easy to be patient for things that need more urgency and too impatient for the for things that need more time. Food truck business growth comes from understanding what [...]

  • Taking Over An Existing Food Truck

Four Tips For Taking Over An Existing Food Truck Business

Small businesses across the country have been taking a beating over the last few years due to the economy and even the growing mobile food industry isn't an exception. No matter the reasons behind some food [...]

  • staff and customer loyalty

5 Ways To Build Food Truck Staff And Customer Loyalty

Why do you own a food truck or why are you planning to start one? Is it merely to line your pockets and fill your bank account or do your employees and customers’ factor into [...]

  • growing too quickly

Is Your Food Truck Growing Too Quickly?

Intuit recently reported that 25,000 new small business jobs were created in May. This is approximately a 2 percent annual growth rate. Growth numbers like this are good news because it shows that the economy [...]

Human Resources

  • food truck internship

Starting A Food Truck Internship Program

Are you looking to start a food truck internship program for your food truck business? More and more vendors are planning on it. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers plan on [...]

  • employee motivation ideas

Employee Motivation Ideas To Improve Your Food Truck

Today we'll share 10 simple employee motivation ideas to help inspire your food truck employees and improve moral in your mobile business. To achieve a purpose-fueled, engaged food truck staff, you should resist a one-size-fits-all [...]

  • delegate

How To Choose What Tasks You Delegate

Learning how to delegate is a critical skill that successful food truck owners must demonstrate, and one often neglected by these overworked mobile food vendors. The inability to delegate properly is the main reason that many [...]

  • active listening

Why Active Listening Is An Important Skill For Success

Let’s face it, successful vendors tend to be characterized by their strong opinions, decisive action, and gung-ho attitude. These are important traits, but it’s equally important for food truck owners to listen to their employees. [...]

  • get rid of negativity

How To Get Rid Of Negativity On Your Food Truck

Every food truck business has both good and bad inside it's culture. As the owner it is your job to accentuate the positive or get rid of negativity.  While it's important to do both, but [...]

  • employee retention

Why Employee Retention In Your Food Truck Matters

After years of speaking with food truck owners across the nation, one takeaway I seem to always find is that employee retention and turnover is a major concern for vendors. In fact, after speaking with [...]

  • building trust

Building Trust In Your Food Truck Team

Although skepticism has its merits, building trust is crucial to the effectiveness of your food truck business. To cultivate trust among your staff members, place your trust in them first. Show them you believe they [...]

  • Thinking But Won't Say

What Are Your Employees Thinking But Won’t Say

Ever since you opened up your food truck you've have an open door policy, so of course your employees come to you and tell you everything that bothers them, and you work together to fix it. All [...]

  • craigslist for hiring

The Pros And Cons Of Using Craigslist For Hiring

As more culinary job seekers use the internet to find job leads, many food truck owners are using sites like Craigslist for hiring and to post job opportunities to reach potential candidates. Why wouldn’t they? [...]

  • staff fighting

How To Prevent Food Truck Staff Fighting

Working in the confines of a food truck can be a frustrating experience, especially when seemingly straightforward conflict devolves into personal disputes. Staff fighting in the workplace has serious consequences for a food truck business. Constant [...]

Find Or Post Food Truck Jobs

Do yo have an open position in your food truck? Are you looking for temporary help for an up-coming event your current staff just can’t do on their own?

Post Food Truck Jobs


  • storage insurance

Food Truck Storage Insurance Tips

If you have a food truck that you keep in storage during your off-season, you may be looking for ways to reduce your insurance costs. If you want to save money on your food truck insurance [...]

  • Food Truck Workers' Comp

Food Truck Workers’ Comp Insurance Basics

One of the big questions new and existing food truck owners have centers on workers’ compensation insurance (otherwise known as food truck workers’ comp). In the food truck industry, there's no shortage of potential risks that [...]

  • food truck insurance checklist

Preparing For An Accident: Food Truck Insurance Checklist

When you’re in an auto accident in your food truck, it can be easy to forget what information you need — you’re shaken up and rattled and in many cases wondering how the accident will [...]

  • business income insurance

How Business Income Insurance Affects Your Food Truck

There seems to be some confusion by food truck owners on what Business Income Insurance really is and how it works. This entry is designed to explain just why the coverage is so important and [...]

$2.4 M Awarded For Food Truck Fryer Oil Burn

A California appeals court said Monday that Travelers Property and Casualty Co. of America was liable for $2.4 million awarded to a food truck vendor who was burned by oil that splashed on her from [...]

  • storing food trucks

Storing Food Trucks: Do You Still Need To Insure It?

There may come a time when you need to put your food truck into storage. Whether it's because you are in a cold weather region or you are just taking a break from the rigors [...]

How Will ObamaCare Affect the Food Truck Industry?

What do the up coming federal health care reforms mean for the mobile food industry but more specifically, your food truck business?   Will the Affordable Care Act add thousands of dollars in extra costs [...]

Insuring Your Food Truck

Insurance isn't something that everyone thinks about when they get into the food truck business. At Progressive, we’ve noticed a sharp rise in the amount of food trucks we insure, with an increase of nearly [...]

  • Insuring Food Trailers

Differences Between Insuring Food Trailers and Food Trucks

Due to low inventories of food trucks, lower barrier to entry or just pure preference, food trailers are often a great option for people looking to get in the industry. However, you need to be [...]

Why You Should Always Ask For The Insurance Requirements FIRST!

Congratulations...you just landed a great opportunity to serve food at a large office building lot, college campus, festival or movie studio. In the beginning, they may have asked if you had insurance and of course you [...]

Under The Hood

  • daily food truck inspections

Why Daily Food Truck Inspections Are So Important

Inspecting your food truck daily is a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues or defects before your food truck hits the road for your next event. Because of this, food truck owners should [...]

  • food truck mirrors

Setting Your Food Truck Mirrors To Avoid Blind Spots

If you've ever spent any time driving a food truck, you understand that it can be difficult to see all around the truck. The fact is that most food trucks don't have the use of a [...]

  • diesel food truck

Keep Your Diesel Food Truck Purring Like A Kitten

Keeping up on the maintenance of your diesel food truck is vital for the continued well-being of your vehicle. Giving your diesel food truck engine a good tune up once in a while will help [...]

  • safely removing ice

Safely Removing Ice From Your Food Truck Windshield

Winter is back in much of the country and sub-zero temps and plenty of snow means, you’ll probably be finding yourself or one of your staff members struggling while safely removing ice from your food truck [...]

  • food truck brakes

Keeping Your Food Truck Brakes Working Properly

Worn brake pads can drastically reduce your ability to bring your food truck to a complete stop. This can be especially dangerous in an emergency situation when properly working food truck brakes are a must [...]

  • Food Truck Equipment

Match Your Menu To Your Food Truck Equipment

The size and types of food truck equipment in your truck or commercial kitchens will play major roles in determining the items you can include on your menu. The larger the kitchen and the wider [...]

  • diesel engines

The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Engines For Food Trucks

If you’re considering buying a food truck, one of the big factors you need to examine is the engine that powers your mobile food business. In today’s food truck market you have two choices...diesel engines [...]

  • food truck repair

Food Truck Repair Safety Tips

When you’re making any food truck repair on the chassis of your food truck or simply doing basic maintenance, practice these safety tips to avoid injury to yourself and damage to your food truck and to be [...]

  • hot food truck kitchens

Troubleshooting Guide For Hot Food Truck Kitchens

While temps across the country are dropping now that it's Fall, some vendors still have hot food truck kitchens and don't know why or how to correct the problem. Today we're providing a troubleshooting guide [...]

  • coffee truck equipment

Essential Coffee Truck Equipment

Opening a coffee truck business can be a fun and exciting venture for those who may not have a culinary background. Before you start writing your coffee truck business plan or start looking for a [...]

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