Learn How To Take Your Food Truck Business To The Next Level

So, you have already started running a food truck business, but how do you keep it running like a well oiled machine? These sections will provide an existing vendor up to date on all of the tactics needed to run and expand your ever growing food truck empire.


  • easy for your customers

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Do Business With You

From time to time a food truck owner needs to step back and look at their business from the outside.   Try to visit your truck or cart as a customer, not as the owner.  Ask […]

  • Involved In Politics

How Food Truck Owners Can Get Involved In Politics

If you’ve spent any time reading our Off the Wire food truck news articles, you’ve noticed that even though many cities across the country are embracing food trucks, many are not. If you were to […]

  • operations manual

Creating An Operations Manual For Your Food Truck

Although developing an operations manual is not a simple task, it’s next to impossible to create and maintain a successful food truck without one. Vendors who take the time include their staff and put the […]

  • perceived value

Use Perceived Value To Determine Your Food Truck Menu Prices

Many food truck vendors have been taught the formula and percentage methods of pricing their menus. The idea is that the basis of their prices is based on the cost of the ingredients required to […]

  • tasting system

Install A Tasting System To Improve Consistancy

Every successful food truck is as good on a slow Monday morning as they are at a large weekend food truck festival. They are consistent. This is true whether the owner is on the line […]

  • Shut Down Your Food Truck

How To Shut Down Your Food Truck Business

It is never easy to close a business you’ve poured so much time, effort and money into. However, knowing when it is time to shut down your food truck business is one of the key traits of a […]

  • food truck scalability

Does Food Truck Scalability Really Matter?

The phrase scalability in the business world is a common discussion point. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Shark Tank you’ve seen the sharks ask the entrepreneurs, “Is it scalable”.  Typically the energy in the […]

  • food truck failure

5 Common Reasons For Food Truck Failure

Most food truck failure comes more from poor strategy execution than during the formation process. Setting unrealistic expectations, including initiatives that can be measured is one of the major causes of food truck failure. The […]

  • food truck manufacturers

Food Truck Manufacturers: 10 Questions To Ask

Are you in the market to purchase a food truck? Are you looking to buy a pre-existing food truck or have one built for you? If you are looking to have a food truck built […]

  • Indirect Competitors

Direct And Indirect Competitors For Your Food Truck

When you’re running a mobile food business, you have business competition all around you. Competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. To delve a little deeper into your […]

Customer Service

  • customer service attitude

Maintaining A Customer Service Attitude In Your Food Truck

The server is in one of the most important positions in your food truck because servers must interact with the customer as well as the rest of your food truck employees.

You can train your food […]

  • Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers: How To Gain Them In Four Easy Steps

There’s a simple fact that every successful food truck has learned over the years: It’s a lot easier to sell to one of your existing customers than it is to sell to a new one.

Building […]

  • customer service skills

12 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Master

As a food truck owner, there are customer service skills that every employee in your mobile food business must master if they deal with customers, and you must lead the way in insuring that these skills […]

Providing Exceptional Customer Service In Two Simple Steps

If you provide anything less than exceptional customer service for your food truck customers, you’re wasting the time of, creating extra work for and frustrating your food truck staff, managers and yourself.

The basic premise of […]

  • customer relationships

Building Customer Relationships For Your Food Truck

So you just opened up your food truck, now what? The typical next step is to determine how you will make your mobile food business a success.

Unfortunately, having a great menu in a food truck […]

  • do you need change

Never Ask: Do You Need Change?

As a food truck enthusiast and someone who covers the industry daily, I spend a lot of time in food truck lines and I have seen good service, I have seen absolutely spectacular service and I have […]

  • bad food service

Putting An End To Bad Food Service From Your Truck

With winter weather providing many food truck owners with valuable free time they can use to train their service staff, we felt now would be a good time to write another article on this topic. […]

  • food truck customer's heart

Winning Your Food Truck Customer’s Heart

Ultimately the quality of the food you serve will draw people to your service window; however customers are far more likely to return for purchases of your menu items if they feel valued by the […]

  • food truck customer service

Customize Your Food Truck Customer Service

Today’s mobile food businesses need to recognize that customer loyalty goes a long way. Food truck vendors need to continually re-evaluate your approach in your food truck customer service.

While you may have long lines today, […]

  • give customers extra information

Make Sure Your Staff Can Give Customers Extra Information

Outside of food quality and service, the biggest issue for food truck owners is keeping a positive attitude with their staff and keeping them motivated. The interesting thing is, when your staff is helpful to customers, […]

Growth Strategies

  • Slow-Down-Food-Truck-Growth

3 Risks To Avoid That Slow Down Food Truck Growth

After a great spring launch or start to your summer, your food truck is suddenly a local favorite food truck. You’ve experienced a huge rise in sales and catering requests as your customers reach out […]

  • food truck growth

5 Tips For Rapid Food Truck Growth

Starting a food truck is one thing but accelerating food truck growth and expanding your food truck empire is an entirely different challenge. The best thing to do is focus on the following food truck […]

  • food truck business growth

Food Truck Business Growth The Right Way

In the food truck industry it’s easy to be patient for things that need more urgency and too impatient for the for things that need more time.

Food truck business growth comes from understanding what needs […]

  • Taking Over An Existing Food Truck

Four Tips For Taking Over An Existing Food Truck Business

Small businesses across the country have been taking a beating over the last few years due to the economy and even the growing mobile food industry isn’t an exception.

No matter the reasons behind some food […]

  • staff and customer loyalty

5 Ways To Build Food Truck Staff And Customer Loyalty

Why do you own a food truck or why are you planning to start one? Is it merely to line your pockets and fill your bank account or do your employees and customers’ factor into […]

  • food truck growing too quickly

Is Your Food Truck Growing Too Quickly?

Intuit recently reported that 25,000 new small business jobs were created in May. This is approximately a 2 percent annual growth rate. Growth numbers like this are extremely good news. It shows that the economy […]

  • abandon goals

Know When To Abandon Goals

Setting goals and sticking to them is important to every food truck business. But from time to time, as a vendor, you should reevaluate your goals. In order for goals to be useful, they need to be […]

  • food truck growth strategies

Developing Your Food Truck Growth Strategies

Food truck growth strategies are rarely on the minds of the local food cart vendors that dot the landscape of most major cities in the United States. Most food truck owners have only one business strategy – to […]

  • successful food truck owners

Questions Successful Food Truck Owners Should Ask

Asking a lot of questions is one behavior that successful food truck owners share. Instead of just rushing to take action, posing questions helps a food truck vendor solidify the entire concept innovation process by […]

  • trials of food truck ownership

Enduring The Trials Of Food Truck Ownership

Surviving the trials of food truck ownership can be tough a tough road, but persistence is an essential skill for every culinary entrepreneur. Here are three tips for seeing your mobile food endeavor through.

Enduring The […]

Human Resources

  • employment eligibility

Employment Eligibility Verification For Your Food Truck

Did you know that any employer in the United States found guilty of hiring employees who are not authorized to work in the country may be subject to civil fines or criminal penalties?

What could this […]

  • staff trust

Assessing The Level Of Staff Trust In Your Food Truck

While every food truck owner would like to have their staff trust them. How do you really know if they do? Food trucks with high levels of staff trust:

Have a strong sense of shared purpose
Have […]

  • mobile devices

How Mobile Devices Can Be Used In Food Truck Hiring

As any food truck owner can attest, mobile devices are nearly impossible to live without. And as the food truck industry evolves, mobile devices have become a bigger part of a food truck business. In […]

  • food truck economics

Give Your Employees A Basic Food Truck Economics Class

We believe that food truck employees should know that they work in a low margin industry. Typically they won’t figure this out unless they’re told. Want to validate this point? Just ask a few of […]

  • food truck staff

5 Steps To Hiring Great Food Truck Staff Members

Hiring great food truck staff members is critical for the growth of a successful food truck. However, due to the consistent turnover in the food service industry, it is also one of the most difficult […]

  • Posting Food Truck Jobs

The Cost Of Posting Food Truck Jobs Online

Looking to start posting food truck jobs online quickly without having to deal with the hassle of talking with a salesperson or the commitment of a contract?  Posting food truck jobs within 24 hours online […]

  • food truck hiring mistakes

Food Truck Hiring Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Hiring your first employee is a major milestone for any new food truck business. Yet, it is a process that can potentially lead to major problems for a new business and its owner(s) too.

This is […]

  • food truck manager job description

Sample Food Truck Manager Job Description

When a food truck owner starts looking to hire new employees, they must have an understanding of the responsibilities that position holds. Over the next few weeks, we will be covering the basic job descriptions for […]

  • culinary title terminology

Culinary Title Terminology For Your Resume

Are you in the process of drafting your culinary resume and running into a problem with the proper culinary title terminology to use for the titles of your previous positions? The terms for various positions […]

  • food truck catering staff

5 Tips For Hiring Your Food Truck Catering Staff

One of the most important elements in offering food truck catering services is to know when and how to hire temporary or full time food truck catering staff. Hiring in the food service industry has always been […]

Find Or Post Food Truck Jobs

Do yo have an open position in your food truck? Are you looking for temporary help for an up-coming event your current staff just can’t do on their own?

Post Food Truck Jobs


  • Food Truck Workers' Comp

Food Truck Workers’ Comp Insurance Basics

After spending some time speaking with exhibitors and guests at the 2014 ROAM Conference in San Antonio this past week, I realized that one of the big questions new and existing food truck owners have […]

  • food truck insurance checklist

Preparing For An Accident: Food Truck Insurance Checklist

When you’re in an auto accident in your food truck, it can be easy to forget what information you need — you’re shaken up and rattled and in many cases wondering how the accident will […]

  • business income insurance

How Business Income Insurance Affects Your Food Truck

There seems to be some confusion by food truck owners on what Business Income Insurance really is and how it works. This entry is designed to explain just why the coverage is so important and […]

$2.4 M Awarded For Food Truck Fryer Oil Burn

A California appeals court said Monday that Travelers Property and Casualty Co. of America was liable for $2.4 million awarded to a food truck vendor who was burned by oil that splashed on her from […]

  • storing food trucks

Storing Food Trucks: Do You Still Need To Insure It?

There may come a time when you need to put your food truck into storage. Whether it’s because you are in a cold weather region or you are just taking a break from the rigors […]

How Will ObamaCare Affect the Food Truck Industry?

What do the up coming federal health care reforms mean for the mobile food industry but more specifically, your food truck business?


Will the Affordable Care Act add thousands of dollars in extra costs and more […]

Insuring Your Food Truck

Insurance isn’t something that everyone thinks about when they get into the food truck business. At Progressive, we’ve noticed a sharp rise in the amount of food trucks we insure, with an increase of nearly […]

  • Insuring Food Trailers

Differences Between Insuring Food Trailers and Food Trucks

Due to low inventories of food trucks, lower barrier to entry or just pure preference, food trailers are often a great option for people looking to get in the industry. However, you need to be […]

Why You Should Always Ask For The Insurance Requirements FIRST!

Congratulations…you just landed a great opportunity to serve food at a large office building lot, college campus, festival or movie studio. In the beginning, they may have asked if you had insurance and of course you […]

  • Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Guide For Food Trucks

Catering food trucks have a unique insurance coverage exposure that most insurance carriers do not want to insure. Workers’ Compensation is one of the most important insurance coverages that a food truck owner must purchase for his or […]

Under The Hood

  • diesel engines

The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Engines For Food Trucks

If you’re considering buying a food truck, one of the big factors you need to examine is the engine that powers your mobile food business. In today’s food truck market you have two choices…diesel engines […]

  • food truck repair

Food Truck Repair Safety Tips

When you’re making any food truck repair on the chassis of your food truck or simply doing basic maintenance, practice these safety tips to avoid injury to yourself and damage to your food truck and to be […]

  • hot food truck kitchens

Troubleshooting Guide For Hot Food Truck Kitchens

While temps across the country are dropping now that it’s Fall, some vendors still have hot food truck kitchens and don’t know why or how to correct the problem. Today we’re providing a troubleshooting guide […]

  • coffee truck equipment

Essential Coffee Truck Equipment

Opening a coffee truck business can be a fun and exciting venture for those who may not have a culinary background. Assuming that you have already taken care of the preliminary steps, including writing a coffee […]

  • seatbelt

Food Truck Seatbelt Safety Reminder

No one wakes up thinking they will lose a loved one in a food truck crash that day. But every day about 100 people die in vehicle crashes and more than 1,000 suffer life-changing injuries. Imagine running as fast […]

  • OSHA food truck inspection

Would Your Truck Pass An OSHA Food Truck Inspection

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets the standards for workplace safety which apply to food trucks and the commercial kitchens they operate from.

Failure to meet these standards can result […]

  • find wall studs

How To Find Wall Studs In A Food Truck

When mounting heavier accessories or appliances in your food truck, you’ll probably want to drill directly into the wall studs. But how do you find wall studs in a food truck?

Unlike in residential construction, the location […]

  • Work Triangle

Food Truck Kitchen Design: The Work Triangle

The dominant geometric shapes in most food truck kitchens are typically four sided, from rectangular cabinetry to square appliances. But in all reality the most important one is a triangle. The “work triangle” has always […]

  • restaurant equipment

Outfitting Your Food Truck With Restaurant Equipment

When outfitting their food truck kitchens most mobile food vendors have a multitude of options. Before you head out to start shopping, you’ll need to create a full list of the restaurant equipment your truck […]

  • food truck kitchen fires

Putting Out Food Truck Kitchen Fires

Today we will look at how to put out fires that occur in your food truck or your commercial kitchen. When a fire starts in these areas you need to act fast to keep the fire […]

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